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Legito is lawyer-friendly software for creating responsive documents that know how you think and edit themselves.

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Your automated documents could look like this

Business Service Agreement

Independent contractor (entrepreneur) provides services to a client on regular basis (e.g. monthly fee services).

Employment contract

Agreement between an employer and an employee. Full-time or part-time.

Loan Agreement

Used when a person is borrowing money from another person.

Partnership Agreement

Set up parthership between partners and duties of partners.

Disruption-free way to modernize your legal department

We specialize in document automation and production. We provide complete customized solutions as well.

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Cloud-based solution: Enterprise-level security and no extra hardware

Icon Word

Send us your Word templates and we’ll automate them for you

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We’ll integrate it into any system

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Supports electronic signatures

Why choose Legito?

  • Create and change your documents with just a few clicks

    You no longer need to wait for your busy IT department to find some time for you. Our intuitive editor lets you take care of it quickly and easily, all by yourself.

  • Save your company some money

    Legito has been the top specialist in document automation for a long time now and many companies rely on our quality solution to improve their business. What’s more, implementing it cost them a mere fraction of what it would have cost to develop their own.

  • Integrates easily into any system

    Whether you are operating on an Enterprise, CRM, workflow, invoicing, scoring or any other type of system, our API interface means you can integrate Legito quickly (and thus more economically). Legito is even compatible with Google Cloud and Microsoft Sharepoint.

  • A big leap in digitization of your company

    Have you been hearing a lot in the news about robotic automation and digitization lately? That’s no coincidence – automation is the future. And this is your chance to have machines work for you, saving you time and resources to spend on clients or develop ideas to push your company further! Legito is an advanced, robust system with a wide range of unique features – the ideal foundation for modernizing your legal office or department.

Document automation

  • Drag’n’drop, “building block” template editor
  • Time-saving document presets
  • Billingual document creation
  • Document revision history
  • Situation-specific document bundling
  • Templates for templates

Document management

  • Search & filter navigation
  • Deadline reminders
  • External document recordkeeping
  • Signed document upload
  • Analytics & managerial reporting
  • Fully customizable document design
  • Approval checklists
  • Access management
  • Video tutorial

Let our extensive experience inspire you

We’ve helped automate thousands of templates in a number of disciplines and we’ll be happy to share our know-how. Our case studies are a good place to start:

Icon banking

Banks and financial institutions

Icon solicitor’s offices

Law firms

Icon corporate legal departments

Corporate legal departments

What questions do we get the most?

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How to begin

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Creating documents

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Integration with other systems

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Other function

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We’ll be happy to introduce you to the Legito application personally and prepare a 30-day, risk-free trial for you!

Iveta Pecharova

Iveta Pecharova

Chief Sales Officer

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