Employee-Centric Document Automation

Legito automates document drafting for one or batch jobs, while managing deadline notifications to keep you on track.

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Why Human Resources Choose Legito?

HR pros and agencies desperately need the tools to automate and manage documents.
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Imagine automating all of your employment contracts, on/offboarding docs, and even batch generating amendments and employee affidavits.
Our document automation specialists know that YOUR COMPANY IS UNIQUE. WE PARTNER WITH YOU - WE REALLY LISTEN - TO GET the most out of Legito.

Document automation

  • Drag’n’drop, “building block” template editor
  • Time-saving document presets
  • Billingual document creation
  • Document revision history
  • Situation-specific document bundling
  • Templates for templates

Document management

  • Search & filter navigation
  • Deadline reminders
  • External document recordkeeping
  • Signed document upload
  • Analytics & managerial reporting
  • Fully customizable document design
  • Approval checklists
  • Access management
  • Video tutorial