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Our Story

Legito was established in January 2014 to push the legal industry forward. We released version 1.0 of our document automation & management platform in June 2015.

Back then it was just a platform that offered automated legal templates for individuals and small businesses. We didn’t have the cool advanced features we do now. Clients automating their own templates and incorporating their work into document management was still sci-fi at that point.

Nonetheless, users loved our system for its unique features that helped them draft legal documents much faster than they could before. Support from these beloved users allowed us to keep developing rapidly, turning Legito into what it is today. In early 2017, Legito became robust enough to meet the requirements of famous, very discerning global corporates. We are still proud to be able to help small businesses with our collection of public automated templates but can also offer our services to much larger companies as an enterprise solution.

Currently, Legito has more than 50 000 users from over 30 countries. We have over 30 employees and we cooperate with more than 200 lawyers developing our collection of public automated templates. As for our corporate clients, our ever-growing team of top legal engineers helps them automate their legal document drafting processes to push their business further.

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Our Management Team

Ondrej Materna

Ondrej Materna


Ondrej is the CEO and co-founder of Legito. He has master’s degrees in law and IT. This unique combination led Ondrej to found Legito, which combines both of those fields. Prior to Legito, Ondrej worked for over 6 years in a law firm specialised in IT law and acquisition and investing in technology startups.

Marketa Kabatova

Marketa Kabatova


Marketa is the CMO and co-founder of Legito. Prior to Legito, she worked for Google and the successful global startup Webnode. Marketa is also the author of a well-known online marketing blog.

Juraj Patus

Juraj Patus


Juraj is the CTO and co-founder of Legito. Prior to Legito, he worked on the design and development of several complex IT systems, mainly in the financial and real estate sectors.

Iveta Pecharova

Iveta Pecharova


Iveta is the CSO of Legito. Prior to Legito, she worked for the leading global technology research firm, Gartner, and IBA, an international IT company.

Michael Mladek

Michael Mladek


Michael is CFO and co-founder of Legito. Michael gained his experience in controlling, corporate governance and cross-border M&A in TESCAN, a leading global company in the area of electron microscopes and other scientific devices.