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How we created our first ad

A few weeks ago we learned that Legito was accepted into Export Accelerator by Google. It is an absolutely fantastic project, and it has helped to move a huge step forward. We have learned a great many things, and I would recommend anyone to apply to the next round, difficult as it may be.

After the first five minutes of the first meeting in the accelerator we realized that it would be good to start with some marketing.

We decided that on something visually appealing (I’m skipping describing the tedious part of the brainstorming session where we spent a lot of time with Excel tables counting how much, where, and how to invest to make it profitable – I can save that for another article.

You may have realized by now, as we did, that purely from a visual perspective, contracts are not the most interesting things in the world. A couple of drinks however, helped with the inspiration..

Once the spirits were in floating about, we realized that as a start-up, we really could not invest too much money into advertising, so we had to think of something good and cheap.  And, also realizing that time is money, we needed to think of something good, cheap, and quick.

More spirits circulated about the room, and then the ideas poured out:

Phase I – Dumpster Diving

The cheapest stuff you can get is from a Dumpster. We found exactly what we needed – cardboard boxes. Please, next time you see someone rifling through a dumpster, do not pass judgement and stare like they are doing something disgusting. Maybe they have to.  Or, perhaps like us, we wanted too.  It was an interesting social experiment, and helped strengthen our resolve, not only for this project, but for Legito’s overall mission.

Phase II – Water Color

Phase two was just as easy as phase one, with fewer judging eyes. We simply went to the store, bought a brush and water colors to paint the cardboard.

Phase III – the park guy

Why hire an expensive model, pay for wardrobe,and make-up, when we can achieve even better results with someone who already has everything we need?

So we found a gentleman in Brno’s Moravian square asked if he could help us. We took some pictures as he posed with our signs, and  it was great. He was very helpful and happy for an opportunity to help us. We had a fantastic time working with him.

Phase IV – Photoshop

Then we worked a little with Photoshop and here are the results:

The purpose of this advertising campaign was to draw attention to the downfalls of signing a poor contract, or the ramifications of not signing one at all. We all know the stories about the execution …

Overall, the cost of this ad was 500 CZK (20 EUR) and  two meal vouchers (100 CZK for water paints and brush, 200 CZK went to the photographer, and 200 CZK and two meal vouchers went to our model)

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