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Free Webinar: Automation of Document-oriented Processes

Wednesday, December 14th, 2022

10 AM EST, 3 PM GMT, and 4 PM CET

About the webinar

For our final webinar of 2022 we will dive into the automation of document-centered workflows.

Legito’s accomplished Senior Technical Consultant Paul Marlborough will show you how to increase your document lifecycle management efficiency, empowering you to work smarter and saving you valuable time in every step of the document lifecycle!

Here you will see examples of:



How they can be assigned to documents and objects to manage information

How automatic workflow transitions can be used to automate workflow



Used in a case management scenario to link documents to a case/matter/obligation/job

Used to speed up drafting times of documents and increase accuracy

Used as a simple clause library instead of/ in addition to Legito’s advanced clause library and more


If you can’t make it you can still register! We’ll send you the recording to watch at your leisure!

Meet the speaker

Meet the speaker

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