Implementation Partners

The goal of Implementation Partners (Legito Certified Document Automation Specialists) is to help clients successfully automate of their documents in Legito and configure key settings in the client’s Workspace. Implementation Partners:

  • have a deep knowledge of Legito, being able to automate complex documents, and easily configure Workspace settings, including Styles, user permissions, and other workspace settings.

  • have completed the first three lessons in Legito’s Educational Online Courses (verified and confirmed by in Legito).

  • are entitled to use the title “Legito Certified Document Automation Specialist” on their website, social media pages, and other marketing materials.

  • keep abreast of new Legito features. Legito may request Implementation Partners to complete additional tasks should there be significant upgrades and enhancements to Legito.

  • communicate with prospects directly, and autonomously price their services. Legito does not charge Implementation Partners any fees.

  • do not sell Legito but may if involved in the sales or customer care process. Referral or Distribution Partner terms shall be applied.

  • are listed on the Legito website.

  • are entitled to free use of one Legito Workspace.

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