Inside Legito:

Interview with Jakub “Pirozek” Ludwig

Inside Legito: Interview with Jakub “Pirozek” Ludwig

Jakub is Legito’s Senior Front-End Developer and has been with Legito since the beginning. Always available to advise his colleagues, “Pirozek” brings not only developer expertise to Legito, but also a humane professionalism, frankness of character, and often, a quirky humor.

Why Legito? How did you get entangled in the world of LegalTech?

At first, I was working for Legito as a subcontractor through a web development agency, but the product was so awesome, in contrast to the projects I worked on for other clients, that I wanted to get more involved. I could see a meaning in Legito, and a great potential for growth, so one day I said “Guys, seriously, just hire me already”. And they did.

What aspect of Legito do you find most interesting? What makes Legito stand apart from the competition

I am kinda biased here because for me, the most interesting thing was (and continues to be) the journey we’re on. From garage startup, where we hacked everything regularly so it would be ready for next presentation, to stable growing company of 30+ ppl around the world with huge clients. This was something that I never even dreamt of.

“And what makes Legito stand apart? Our ability to make hard decisions combined with a great team of dedicated people with very special sense of humor (sounds like marketing BS, right? Come grab a beer with us, you`ll see!)”

Jakub Ludwig

What is your biggest priority, as a developer, in helping Legito to succeed?

At the beginning, Legito was like Facebook in its early days: “move fast, break things”, so my priority was the rolling out of as many features as possible in a short amount of time. And my colleague Patrik and I were really good at it. It was fun, but not effective over the long term (but it payed the bills). After landing some clients, mostly from the corporate sector, we shifted priorities, and started to do things “the right way”.
My biggest priority right now is keeping our code clean and scalable: creating new architecture with the future in mind and developing features that will continue to work in the long term. Oh, and of course the new Template Editor everyone is patiently waiting to see.

If you had unlimited resources (including time) what would you like to help Legito do in the future?

Hmm, tricky question. But, actually, the answer is simple, nothing. I don’t want unlimited time or resources. I think people work best under some kind of pressure. If you don’t have a deadline, there is no urgency to do things that are focused on the delivery. You can spend years analyzing a simple button that will puts things in bold font, considering an entire universe of possibilities for this single button. Is it good? Nope. You always need some constraints. I think unlimited resources would kill the spirit we have right now at Legito (although sometimes it would be nice to be able to just  put my legs up on the desk, yawn and say “Naah, I’m not doin’ anything today”)

The Legito Legal Disruptor’s conference will have a Legal Hackathon.  Can you tell us what happens at a hackathon?

Yeah, sure. We have some exciting use cases that we want to present to the hackers, challenges including integration with other systems, as well as programmable tags, which is like “program your own Legito feature”. Participants (lawyers, programmers, legal professionals, and techies) will be given documentation as well as one of our developers, and will be free to go wild with building things in Legito.

What is your favorite hobby when you’re not hacking or developing?

Me and my girlfriend opened up our own escape room in Brno, it’s called Cyberpunk – Hacker Escape Room. We are very excited about it. It’s kind of like hacking in real life. We have lots of cool tech puzzles and creative tasks that players must perform in order to save “The Internet”. If you happen to find yourself in Brno, come and visit us ?

Thank you very much, Jakub!

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