Summary and Plan for 2021

Summary and Plan for 2021

This year was without a doubt a difficult year for all of us. The global pandemic forced the entire world to adapt and innovate in order to maintain some level of normalcy. Like many other companies, here at Legito, we enhanced our remote working and online collaboration capabilities, while continuing to adhere to our fast paced business and software development goals. Despite our ability to take on this challenge head on, the year did take a heavy both, but  psychologically and physically. However, as a team, we were able to overcome the obstacles presented by this most unusual year to have the most successful year in Legito’s history.

We are familiar with the expression,  “Pressure makes diamonds”. I’m very proud l that through our determination to surmount the challenges of 2020,  we discovered many diamonds on our team.

Among our achievements this year, we:

And, although 2020 has shown us all the importance of flexibility, especially when planning for the future, some of  the plans Legito has roadmapped for 2021 include:

    • The release of our new Template Editor, which headlines a suite of major Q1 feature releases.
    • Continued focus on creating a state-of-the-art user experience, with a “no coding” approach, and platformization.
    • Opening new offices in locations closer to our customers so that we may better serve you.
    • New online educational courses, and continued dedication to supporting our community.

2020 was quite a year, and will prove a memorable milestone in Legito’s story. We invite you to join us, as we continue our journey in providing the very best in document management solutions.

Ondrej Materna

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