Summary of 2019

Summary of 2019

Phew! The last 12 months have been quite a ride! We doubled our team and overcame many obstacles and challenges to reach our 2019 goals. Although it wasn’t easy or always fun, with a lot of headaches, and being forced out of my comfort zone, I can definitely say all the work was worth it, 100%!

Setting the challenge of triple digit annual growth for your business without investor backing, and supported only by your skills and hard work, is not the easiest way to achieve growth, but at the end of the year, having accomplished just this, I can say that it’s an incredibly liberating feeling.

Since Legito‘s founding, we have kept our focus on innovation. Our mission each year is to have a product that is at least twice as useful as the previous year’s. I can proudly say we achieved this once again in 2019. However, this year wasn’t only about software development. We significantly improved the overall user experience by streamlining the onboarding process for newly registered users, and rebuilding our blog (knowledgebase). Over the course of the year, we also established many new and exciting partnerships with exceptional people.

All of the above-mentioned efforts resulted in the rapid growth of our user base while maintaining our existing beloved customers. The fact that we are building a meaningful product that is helping many people across the world, motivates us the most, and I can promise that our level of engagement will continue throughout 2020.

Last, but not least, none of these accomplishments would have been possible without our great and stable team. All the credit goes to my colleagues.

Ondrej Materna

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