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Public services need document administration. Build a better experience for you to transform how you serve the public

Legito Transforms Government Documents and Processes to Unleash the Potential of Public Servants to Serve the Public.

We know what government and public sector organizations need. We know that for you, documents are essential to doing business. We know your documents are complex. We know your document workflow, approvals and signing processes can take a long time. Legito automates these processes, making them faster and more efficient.

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The Secret Behind Efficiency

Tools like Legito will tend to consume data from one system, re-formulate it for human reading, and carry the data intact into another system. They will make work better for humans but they will fit neatly into data-driven environments.

Automation in Government Agencies

The common thread running through government departments is the challenge of operating services at scale while ensuring continuity of service.

Legito Workspace Brings Everything Together

Document Lifecycle Management
Document Automation
Building Custom Applications
Legito Sign
Document Lifecycle Management

Controlled Document Flow

End-to-end document lifecycle management with automated routing, approvals, dashboards, collaboration and reusable data.

Rich workflow tools to power efficiency or growth. No-code rapid deployment for fast ROI. Regular new features.

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Document Automation

Intuitive Document Creation

No code, no limits. Easily automate even advanced documents. Unique interactive documents that leverage inserted data.

Create tailored documents with your data and your rules, without coding. Immediate ROI and a path to wider automation.

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Building Custom Applications

Build Your Enterprise Apps

No code platform for back office innovators and citizen developers to create custom solutions in a fraction of the time.

Use Legito enterprise-wide, but teams get customized solutions. Organize data, views and tools for specific operations.

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Legito Sign

Free Electronic Signature

Trusted, legally binding, fast, and enterprise-level secure electronic signature. No fee.

Make it easy to do business when people work remotely. Easier to sign, easier to manage, easier to authenticate.

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