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LLD Conference Inspirations by Roman Kaczynski

While a many conferences this year have either been postponed, moved to an online version, or even cancelled, Legito Legal Disruptor (“LLD”) persevered, adapting to the new reality.

Thanks to this new edition of Legito Legal Disruptors, we are beginning to witness  Prague becoming one of the centers of legal innovation in the Central and Eastern European area.

I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at this inspirational  event rich in content and fresh perspectives, and I would love to share some of my key takeaways with you.

Kudos for the organisers!

This event was the perfect platform for showcasing a new generation of conferences, powered by outstanding organization and the optimal use of new technology. Defying the odds, the organisers managed to successfully connect people from around the globe in real time, taking the sharing of opinions and experiences to the next level. The success of this conference formula will definitely help with the organisation of an increasing number of global events,  giving experts from across the world the opportunity to connect. This ease in  organising global conferences includes the added benefits of fewer travel related logistical obstacles, such as transportation, accomodation, visas, and country-by-country rules and regulations. The inclusive virtual nature of the conference was not limited to presenters as all of it was available via live feed for those guests unable to be there in person..

The client (experience) in center focus

The Covid-19 pandemic’s triggering of mass digital transformation has had an additional effect of reminding companies in all industries, especially law, of the importance of providing a comfortable client experience.  If it wasn’t already, this is now quickly becoming the primary  focus of lawyers. In these times, we don’t have the opportunity to meet as often and as easily as we used to. Because of this, the nature of how advice is delivered has changed as well. In this context, lawyers have to find new ways to communicate and connect with clients. Whereas lunches andr a meetings were once seen as crucial to building trust and providing a client with  a feeling of security, we have found new and innovative ways to stay in touch. Let’s hope that these encouraging trends in the dynamics of implementing remote communication and collaboration tools remain in the legal world.

Focus on the outcome

Especially now, in this time of urgency, and the need to be able to react quickly to constant developments, such as the current unprecedented crisis, the accuracy of a promised outcome is crucial for the client. Clients need to have partners that are swift to  adapt and can provide them with quick-win solutions, allowing them to be agile and dynamic. In general, clients need many things, and they want them quickly.

Here comes technology

Technology will definitely be a game changer in order to face the two changes mentioned above. Thanks to new tools, powered by strongel technologies, and a new mindset that will arise from their (sometimes mandated) use, I expect lawyers to open their minds to these opportunities  to provide fast and high /quality advice in increasing volumes. We must tread carefully however! Creating a proprietary legaltech solution can often lead to a dead end for many law firms. I share the opinion of many LDD speakers that the integration of an existing proven solution, constantly updated by a team of specialists, is a much more viable, safe, and reliable (mind the SLA’s!) approach which allows for flexibility as well as cost efficiency. The user interface is crucial if encouraging  your team to use a newly purchased tool! Keep that in mind when comparing your options..

Keep an eye on the long term

Innovation is a long range investment and requires a distant-looking perspective. The changes you start today probably will  not provide immediate impact, with financial outcomes and significant ROI coming within 2 to 5 years. Low hanging fruit exist in legal innovation, but are the exception, are not the rule. Keep in mind that your competitors may have started their journey. If you don’t move forward, somebody else will.

Finally – in summary l, as Mark A. Cohen, co-Founder and Executive Chairman of The Digital Legal Exchange  said during his intervention regarding the impact of COVID on the legal industry: It is all about finding the opportunity in every challenge!



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