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August 2020 Release: Four Major Enhancements Including Unified Formatting for Dates and Numbers

Aug 13, 2020

  • Customizable Formatting For Date, Money and “Number Only” TextInput Elements

Workspace Admins can now choose how Date, Money, and “Number Only” TextInput Elements should are formatted, either applying language specific options according to ISO standards (previously the only option), or using unified formatting to be applied to all Templates and Documents in a Workspace. This feature is available under Document Localizations, within the Settings area of My Account (My Account => Settings => Document Localizations).  

  • New Look for Document Records

Items on the left side of Document Records have been redesigned. This restructuring is to prepare for coming updates which will provide users with more customizable options to view Document Records data.

  • Version Control: Previous Document Version Notification 

Users accessing a Document via a link will receive a notification if new version of that document has been created. Users will then have the option to continue with the most current Document version.

  • Translations for Each Template Version

Each Template Version may now have its own unique translated version saved alongside it. Template designers simply choose the version of a Template they wish to translate (or may modify its existing translation).

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