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February 2021 Release #2: Workflow Enhancements

Mar 4, 2021

1) New Workflow Stage Properties

Additional Workflow Stage Properties, when activated, give users greater flexibility to determine how a document should be treated in any given Stage. 

Download Document: Permits Users to download  documents.

Email Document: Permits Users to send exported documents (e.g., PDF, Word) by email.

Mandatory Track Changes: Forces a document to track all changes made to it; cannot  
  be deactivated.

Share with Users: Permits Sharing with Legito Users. 

Share with Guests: Permits External Sharing with guests.

2) Default Favorite Settings

Workspace Admins can now choose and apply a different default Favorite Setting to separate Template Suites. 

Personal Favorite Settings (“only for me” checkbox) cannot be selected as a Default Favorite Setting.

Default Favorite Settings will set automatically prior to drafting a new Document from an automated Template Suite.

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