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February 2021 Release: Legito Templates, Workspace Billing section

Feb 25, 2021

1) Improved Word Document Conversion to Legito Templates

The import is now much more precise and can capture more a larger universe of formatting and layout settings from your Word documents including, font type, font size, spacing, text color, and highlight color.

The biggest step forward is that Legito can convert the styles from your Word document to Legito styles and assign such newly (or previously) created Legito styles to the relevant Clauses.

Legito also imports any formatting you made for a specific part of the imported Word document.

Clause numbering restart settings may be also imported from the imported Word document. If this option won’t be used (checkbox won’t be ticked), Legito’s automatic numbering restart will be applied (recommended).

2) Enhanced Workspace Billing section

We redesign our Billing section to add more options and make it more user friendly. We enhanced management of Payment Methods, upgrading or downloading a number of Users and other subscription parameters within a billing cycle.

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