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First Update – Winter 2020: New Conditions, Legito BioSign And More

Feb 19, 2020

1) Legito BioSign

Legito BioSign is an add-on to your Legito Smart Document Workspace. Legito BioSign allows you to biometrically sign PDF documents on your tablet or smartphone.

Learn more about Legito BioSign at /products/legito-biosign/

2) New Types Of Conditions

We added “is last but one” and “is not last” as new Conditions for repeated clauses. Now you can easily set up the logic to clarify situations involving “and/or”, commas, and periods.

3) UX Enhancement In Template Editor,

We made a few minor UX changes in Template Editor. Among others, test runs of your automated template will open in the same (refreshed) tab.

4) Better On-boarding

We enhanced the guided tour, including links to our brand new Educational Courses For Power Users, and the Legito Learning Center.

5) Automated Sharing For Batch Generation

You can automatically share individual Legito document created through Batch Generation with different users. You can match users with your Excel/CSV sheet by their email, name, Legito user ID, position or company ID.

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