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January 2022 Release: New Notifications And Five Other Features

Jan 20, 2022

1) New Notifications

In-app and Email notifications can be triggered by the following events:

  • Change Document Owner
  • Document Sharing
  • Document Sharing Removed
  • Upload File to Document Record
  • File Deleted
  • Add File Link to Document Record
  • File Download
  • Document Download
  • Document Created
  • Document Sent by Email
  • Document Record Updated
  • Document Viewed
  • Create New Document Version
  • Delete Document
  • Document Restored
  • Document Stage Change
  • Batch Generation Finish
  • Expiration Date Update
  • Expiration Date Reminder
  • Due Date Reminder
  • Delivery Date Reminder
  • Signing Date Reminder
  • New Message
  • Complete Document Signing
  • Signature Process Started
  • Signature Process Cancelled
  • External Sharing Activated
  • External Sharing Deactivated
  • Locked Editing
  • Unlocked Editing
  • Confidential
  • Non-Confidential
  • Approval document
  • Rejection document
  • Decision Cancelled
  • Approval Process Started
  • Overall Approval Granted
  • Overall Approval Rejected

2) Ruler in Template Editor

The Legito Template Editor contains Ruler to make the setting of margins, indentations, and spacings more convenient. 

3) Manual upload of new File versions

As a follow-up to online editing of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and similar documents, users may add new versions manually. For example, if your counterparty needs to download the document and edit it offline.

4) Enhanced DocuSign Integration

In the case that a document signing process is voided, canceled or expired in DocuSign, the document is automatically removed from the “Awaiting for Signature” category in Legito. A Signature Process Cancelled event is added to the Document Audit Trail (Timeline).

5) New Template Tags to extract Signatories

Template Tags FourthPartyName, FourthPartyEmail, FifthPartyName and FifthPartyEmail can be used to extract a signatory’s name and email address for the purpose of electronic signature.

6) Enhanced External Sharing of Templates

Workspace Guests who use shareable links to Templates (Edit permission) can download Documents created from Templates when using a shared link. 

Similar to shareable links to Documents, permission to Export Documents is activated to allow guests to download.


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