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May 2021 Release: New Workflow and Template Editor Features

May 20, 2021

1) Assigning Users selected in the Properties to Approval lists

We’ve added a major new component to our suite of no-coding contract lifecycle management automation tools. It is now possible to automatically assign Users or User Groups selected in your Document Record Properties to a Workflow Approval.

Users or User Groups may be added to an Approval as optional or mandatory.



2) Use Question and Select Elements without a default option

By default, the first option (response) in a Question or Select Element is automatically selected. Now, Template builders can choose whether or not any Question or Select Element will have this default option. To do this, open the Properties tab for the Question or Select Element and uncheck the checkbox titled, “First option selected.”



3) Suggestions for Links

The predict feature which already helps Template designers build Conditions and Repeats into templates is now available for Link Elements. Suggestions will now appear for this Element, and users can use recently created Links. It is also possible to copy and paste Links.



4) Guest Permissions: Upload files 

It’s now possible to grant Guests permission to upload Files (Attachments) to externally shared Documents or Forms.


5) Clear formatting

You can clear the formatting of clauses in your Templates. If you click the Clear Formatting button (see below) in the Design tab, it will restore the default formatting of the clause in which you are currently working according to the default values of the assigned Style.



6) New version of Legito’s REST API

We also released a new version of our API. It contains user events you requested for logging purposes, as well as the following enhancements:


New GET methods:

GET /workflow

GET /workflow/revision/{workflowRevisionId}

GET /event/

GET /document-version/download/{code} (file formats were added to this method)


We added the following parameters to the DocumentRecord endpoint:

– workflowStage that replaced workflowStatusId

– events (all Timeline Events)

– lastModified

– active

– priority

– persons (object person with parameters definition, name, email)


We also added the attachment parameter to the File endpoint.

Last but not least, we added the customIdentifier parameter to the User endpoint.

Read our REST API documentation below to learn more.


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