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Release December 2020: Push API (Webhooks) And New REST API Version

Dec 15, 2020

1) Push API – Webhooks

Legito’s Push API now enables your application’s web server (webhook listener) to receive instantaneous automated messages containing Document Record details (including Documents and Files) that are triggered by any Document Record Event.  A Triggering Document Record Event may be any of the Event types captured by Legito’s Document Timeline (Audit Trail).

As a webhook service, our Push API actively sends (pushes) up-to-date information to your subscribed services when specified events occur in your Workspace, versus your having to “call” and retrieve information.

See our Push API KnowledgeBase article to learn more about Push API.

2) REST API Version 3

We added these methods supporting the newly developed features, mainly related Document Record Properties:

get label

post label

delete label

get template-tag

post template-tag

get property

get property-group

get document-record-type

post document-record-type

put document-record-type

delete document-record-type

post document-record

get push-connection

post push-connection

The following methods were modified to comply with Document Record Properties:

get document-record

put document-record

We have also updated User Permissions. All user permissions are supported in Version 3 of Legito’s REST API.

See our documentation for new newest version of the REST API for more details.

3) New User Permission “Can create Document Record”

There is now a new user permission entitled, “Can create Document Record”, allowing a user to manually create new Document Records. The permission is enabled by default. Users without this permission will not see “Create Document Record” buttons in the Workspace.

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