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September 2020 Release: Advanced Search In Documents And Increased PDF Generation Speeds

Sep 3, 2020


1) Advanced Search In Documents

A brand-new advanced search functionality that not only lets you search throughout Legito’s comprehensive database to find the content you need, but also search text within documents.

Legito’s enhanced search will help you locate the correct documents even if there are spelling errors, or slight spelling variations between the searched words and the actual content.

Document Record Search Results are ranked according to their relevance.

One of the most important functions of this feature is under the hood – A document’s key information will impact a Document Record’s relevance ranking, thus providing higher search accuracy than standard solutions.

The new “Document” item in the Document Record search filter determines whether the search will include document contents.

2) Significantly Increased PDF Generation Speeds

Significantly increased PDF generation speeds help you create your documents faster without sacrificing a document’s formatting integrity.

PDF generation speed has been increased by six times on average.

The user interface remains the same, as this is a back-end enhancement.

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