Document Automation and Retail Businesses

Document Automation and Retail Businesses

Invoices, purchase orders, bills of lading, receipts… The list goes on and on. Although you may not think it, the retail industry is one rife with paperwork. There are dozens of different documents that a business needs to generate, process, and store in to keep operations running smoothly. And it is no secret that the industry is a highly competitive one. Retail shops must find and take any advantage possible to stay ahead. The right automated document management solution can prove to be that very tool that gives the edge for success.


Going Paperless

One obvious benefit to using an automated document management system to generate, store, and organize documents is that you will deal with a lot less paper. It’s better for the environment, and saves space. Money not spent on storage space for the reams of documents created every day is money that can be reinvested into the business.
Documents like invoices and salary slips can be Automatically Generated and Assembled with dynamic information inputted for specific scenarios. The risk of human data entry error drops to zero, Furthermore, individuals who normally handle repetitive tasks like entry are free to perform more valuable tasks for the business.


Employee Forms

Registering and onboarding employees to a company, no matter the size, requires a lot of paperwork. Tax and salary documents like W-2s and 1099 forms are a prerequisite part of doing business. An automated document management solution can generate the necessary forms by automatically populating documents with information Automatically Imported from other sources, including Sheets. This saves time of course, allowing new employees to get to work much faster.



Organizations are responsible for protecting the private data information of both their employees and customers. Failure to do so can result in huge fines that can devastate a growing business, and setback an established one. The ease with which automation tools allow retail shops to automatically assemble forms and documents does not need to sacrifice compliance. Anonymization Tools make it easier for companies to adhere to the law by giving organizations the ability to remove the risk quickly and easily, protecting customers and employees.


Database Organization

Both internally generated forms such as receipts, and externally received documents such as bills of lading, or vendor invoices can be stored as secure Document Records in a secure database. These records can have additional documents added to them along with relevant metadata, like customer information and due dates. This information can be used to power additional tools like automated Deadline Notifications, which can be scheduled to alert users and ensure that no payments are missed, whether they are to be paid out or received.


Automated document management tools do not only save paper. A strong document management solution will increase transparency and boost productivity. Employees will spend less time on dull repetitive tasks, and contribute more of their energy to helping your business grow.

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