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How Document Automation Helps Human Resources

How Document Automation Helps Human Resources

More and more companies are adopting the title, “Chief People Officer” to describe the person who holds overall responsibility for the Human Resources department. This is of course a nod towards companies’ corporate governance efforts to create comfortable and safe workplaces that look to the overall welfare of employees. This is the right thing to do, but it is also beneficial in a business sense, as healthier employees who have positive work experiences will most likely be more productive.  Here are some of the ways that HR departments can benefit from document and process automation.


Doing a job once, but doing it correctly

Many of the forms circulated by HR departments use the same employee information over and over again. Does it really make sense to have someone enter their address or date of birth a dozen times on a dozen different forms?  Why not just have them fill it out once? Automation software tools like automated forms, can request that employees fill out a single questionnaire, which automatically populates information across a bundle of documents.


Getting onboard without delay

One of the biggest bragging points for companies that rank high on “best workplaces” surveys, is the speed and convenience of their onboarding programs. Document automation tools, such as the questionnaire mentioned above, really accelerate the process without sacrificing data accuracy. Automated Workflows and Approvals enhance the entire process, ensuring that documents move quickly so people can start working right away.


One form to build them all

Your legal team’s documents will differ from your technology team’s, as will as your Audit, Finance, or Sales teams’ forms.  And certain documents will have different terms and conditions, or even styles and headers, depending on the region or country. That quickly adds up to several different versions of virtually the same template.  A good document automation tool reduces the need to keep track of so many templates, allowing you to keep a standard template that automatically changes, in a consistent manner, to fit a given scenario.


Safe, Secure, and Compliant

Maintaining only a few document templates makes it easier to keep confidential and personal information secure.  The regular review of policy documents can be 1) implemented with automated date reminders; and 2) tracked though automated Workflows and Approvals. Compliance can be ensured by automatically capturing reviews and changes in an audit trail. Additionally, adherence to confidentiality and privacy laws, such as GDPR, is guaranteed with Anonymization features.


Overall Wellbeing

These timesaving tools give HR teams more room to innovate and work with people. For instance, automated wellbeing surveys can help teams better focus resources to benefit employees.


Document Automation humanizes Human Resources. Less time is spent pushing paper, so there is more time to make sure that the worker experience is a happy one. Choosing the right automation solution not only increases efficiency, but makes HR less document centric, and more focused on the people.

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