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Livestream: Legito Legal Disruptors 2020

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Whew! What a day. Inspirational and cutting edge do not even begin to describe the amazing presentations and insights we were witness to today. We would like to thank everyone for their participation.

Tomáš Fiala of PWC joined Fireside chat moderated by Ondrej Materna, CEO of Legito discuss the benefits of document automation.

Mark A. Cohen, CEO of Legal Mosaic, and Executive Chairman of the Digital Legal Exchange, provides a deep analysis on the current state of LegalTech innovation, and explains why the industry is ripe for disruption.

Andrea Daňhelová of Fincentrum, and Havel & Partner’s Filip Čabart discuss how the right LegalTech automation solution increases productivity and success. Moderated by Legito’s Chief Product Officer, Eduard Roch.

Lawyers and Legal Marketing Experts, Jacek Stanislawski and Marcin Tomczak share some tips on how to reach the clients you want.




Jana Blount, Change Maker at DLA Piper, talks about what it really takes to innovate.

Taylor Wessing’s Erwin Hanslik MRICS and Robert Neruda of Havel & Partners go head to head to discuss, in a conversation led by Jan Spáčil, how law firms can best take advantage of LegalTech to serve their clients better.

Laura Bygrave, Deloitte Legal’s Innovation and Ventures Lead discusses how Deloitte is leveraging the best in LegalTech as part of its continuing commitment to innovation. The discussion is led by Jan Spáčil.

David Lat, a Managing Director of Lateral Link, talks about the innovations that await in the world of legal recruiting.

CEO of Syke, a legal engineering business, Alistair Maiden shares some of his ideas on Legal Technology and how companies can draw the best benefit.

Thrive Law’s founder, Jodie Hill, shares with us her passion on how tech can help everyone maintain better mental health.




Nicola Bátrlová, Kamile Valatkaite, Andrea Laserna, and Roman Kaczynski – all experts in legal operations, and engineering gather together to share their experiences in applying innovative legaltech solutions.

April Brousseau of Clifford Chance, interviewed by Michal Jasek, shows us the steps and preparations for successful innovation.

Lucie Tvarůžková of Single Case.

Lukáš Zapletal discusses how innovative legaltech solutions not only help in-house legal departments save time and increase efficiency, but provides benefit across entire companies.

Ray DeSouza, Legito’s Director of Communications, describes some best practices for persuading colleagues to embrace new technology.

Knowledge Manager and Professor, Luigi Cominelli, speaks with us on UniQLegal and how the right document automation tool will help it thrive.




Chris Vaagt, Law Firm Change Agent, discusses how and why law firms need technology to succeed.


Teddy Bobcheva of ScaleFocus talks to us about how the right document automation solution can help your company grow.

Ondrej Materna, CEO of Legito talks about Legito’s journey so far, and how it continues to work at being the best all round document automation solution on the market.


Innovation and Entrepreneur guru, Nicholas Hawtin, talks to us about what holds us back from true innovation.


Legal Disruptors 2020 is officially underway. Jaroslav Kramer kicks things off.



Conference program

PART ONE (9:00 am – 10:30 am CET)

  1. Keynote: Nicholas Hawtin – Why We Don’t Innovate
  2. Keynote: Christoph Vaagt – Strategic Imperatives And The Necessary Business Case When Using Legal Tech
  3. Speaker: Ondrej Materna – Document Automation
  4. Case Study: Teodora Bobcheva & Karina Brandauer

PART TWO (11:00 am – 12:30 pm CET)

  1. Keynote: Ray DeSouza – Successful Employee Onboarding to New Technologies
  2. Case studies: Luigi Cominelli, Lucie Tvarůžková & Lukáš Zapletal
  3. Legito corporate panel: Nicola Bátrlová, Kamile Valatkaitė, Andreas Laserna & Roman Kaczynski
  4. Interview: Michal Jašek & April Brousseau (video) – Key Considerations For The Development of An Innovation Strategy

PART THREE (1:30 pm – 3:00 pm CET)

  1. Keynote: Jodie Hill – Mental Health And Tech
  2. CEE Law Firms panel debate: Erwin Hanslik, Robert Neruda & Jan Spáčil
  3. Video guests: David Lat – The Future Of Legal Recruiting
  4. Jana Blount – Innovation: It’s All In The Mind(set)
  5. Laura Bygrave – Deloitte Legal Ventures
  6. Keynote: Alistair Maiden

PART FOUR (3:30 pm – 4:30 pm CET)

  1. Keynote: Jacek Stanislawski & Marcin Tomczak – Legal Marketing: 5 Smart Tips For Your Lawfirm
  2. Real Estate & Law Firms panel: Filip Čabart, Andrea Daňhelová & Eduard Roch
  3. Fireside Chat: Tomáš Fiala & Ray DeSouza
  4. Video guest: Mark Cohen

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