Legito Legal Disruptors 2020: Laura Bygrave & Jan Spáčil from Deloitte Legal

Jan Spáčil and Laura Bygrave from Deloitte connected virtually to discuss the inspiration behind Deloitte Legal and Deloitte’s overall approach to innovation and providing the best legal information to its clients through building partnerships.

Laura Bygrave of Deloitte connected virtually with Jan Spáčil, also of Deloitte, to discuss the inspiration behind Deloitte Legal, and Deloitte’s overall approach to innovation, providing the best legal information to its customers through building partnerships.

As the Innovation and Venturing lead at Deloitte, Laura works closely with customers providing electronic legal solutions and services. Laura heads teams that strive to help customers help themselves to solve problems and increase the commercial benefit.

Using Data Analytics as a foundation, Deloitte Legal helps customers optimize their efficiency, and create new useful digital legal solutions. This nurtures a culture of collaboration which, through bringing in different layers of expertise allows customers to receive multidisciplinary solutions which allow for a flexibility that prepares an organization for almost any situation.

Such comprehensive solutions include looking to the onboarding to new technology solutions, for both lawyers and customers. Improving the rates of adoption not only involved gathering more data, but also learning how to better define metrics.

Looking at a field of over 400 start-ups, Deloitte also is taking a new approach to supporting start-ups. Matching growing start-ups from across the globe with the needs of clients in the marketplace Deloitte brings in its expertise to help to “bridge the gap”. Quantifiable metrics allow Deloitte to engage a rigorous validation process to ensure that all resources are allocated effectively, and most importantly, provide actionable feedback.

After only ten months, Deloitte’s venture program is proving to be a success. And with a focus on the future, venture programs include working with the PhD students and others at the forefront of legal innovation.

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