Legito Legal Disruptors 2020: Ray DeSouza, Successful Employee Onboarding to New Technologies

Ray DeSouza offered some tips on best practices for onboarding employees to using newly implemented technologies, drawing heavily upon his experience, including the development of Legito’s KnowledgeBase and Learning Center.

According to Ray, planning and preparation are two of the most important factors in a successful implementation. The steps for adopting a new tool begin long before purchase; before one even starts looking at different solutions. In his opinion, first, current processes should be reviewed and streamlined. Looking internally in this way helps organizations ask the correct questions in order to select tools that are fit for the purpose.

(Ray speaks more about planning in this interview).

Once a solution is chosen, it is important to equip your end users with the tools they need to succeed:

 A comprehensive repository describing system features:

which may include…

    • A terms glossary,
    • visual recordings with or without narration,
    • and brief articles containing descriptions of how features work and possible use cases.
      (Such as Legito’s KnowledgeBase)

Interactive online tools, or Educational Courses

Such as…

 Structured Training Programs

Taking End Users “Back to School” with rigorous, but fun, product tutorials.

Cheat Sheets, Recorded Demo’; Guidance Docs.

Quick and easy documentation for both internal and external users, such as…

    • Short and sweet “How To” videos
    • 3-5 bullet point “Cheat Sheets”

In short, Ray urges organizations to understand that different people absorb information in different ways and successful onboarding means being prepared. The best way to communicate with your audience is to listen to what your audience needs.

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