Legito Legal Disruptors 2020: Teodora Bobcheva from ScaleFocus

Teodora Bobcheva, an attorney at fast growing Forbes magazine recognized ScaleFocus provided an in-depth analysis and clear description of how Legito’s implementation at her company helped not only to save time and money every single day, but also to help other companies improve their own efficiency.

With a strong legal and project manager background, Teodora manages a team of lawyers, both internally and externally which handle complex and strategic transactions, and various other matters that require regular reporting to the Board of Directors and senior management. General corporate governance, and maintaining an institutional knowledge base are top priorities for ScaleFocus in
order for it to maintain its efficiency and guarantee business continuity.

ScaleFocus required a solution that was scalable to its rapid growth. As a company grows, legal operations become even more critical, and automation of mundane tasks is the logical solution to create order from chaotic workflows, and streamline convoluted decision-making progress. In a constantly evolving digital landscape, Teodora was looking for a solution that would build transparency and trust, and dissolve irrational fears towards document and process automation.

After long deliberation, ScaleFocus decided on Legito because of it boasted sophisticated software combined with simple and intuitive to use.  Legito’s flexibility, and customer-oriented approach were also attractive qualities, as well as its 30 day free trial.

The document automation process was simple to implement, allowing for several different types of documents to be uploaded. Legito’s fundamental features made document management easy, which led to great results, vast improvements to efficiency in collaborations, and laid the groundwork for ScaleFocus to consider new innovations as it continues to grow.

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