Legito PowerUp 2022: Charles Drayson, Interaction, inspiration and action: PowerUp kick-of

Legito’s Chief Community Officer, Charles Drayson, reflected on the work, challenges, and opportunities for Legito customers in 2022. He looked at the work done by customers using Legito and considered why it matters in the post-pandemic era of the Great Resignation.

…[Legito] has moved beyond document automation to include tools that support an entire end-to-end business process, and not just for lawyers

The answer: behind business operations powered by Legito, we still see documents used to carry information from person to person, and to create business records. Documents have become containers for important data but, on their own, documents are not ideal great containers. Charles used stage props to show the benefits of using good containers. Documents should package data so the data can be re-used, retrieved, and mined for the valuable insights they offer. Documents augmented by Legito become better containers.

Charles’ view is that tools like Legito are useful to ease the workload of back-office professionals, but they are vital to ensure the whole enterprise benefits from the data now and in the future.  Many documents are created from digital records; it makes sense to preserve their digital content so it can be consumed by systems as well as people.

…start creating and handling documents in a way that befits their use in a digital world, as part of a business process, indeed as part of inter-connected business processes, and as part of processes between organisations, not just within an organisation…

Charles also reflected on the challenges faced by organisations who want solutions that work effectively with trading partners, not just internal colleagues. There are some organisations who have the clout to create standard processes they can impose on their suppliers and customers, but most organisations cannot do that. Imposing standard solutions annoys users and encourages users to circumvent the procedures. We need solutions that help people interact with their counterparts in other companies in a way that augments human relationships.

If tools are going to be used, they need to be useable: they need to be customised to meet requirements, intuitive to use, and they must be adaptable for real world commerce. In short, tools  like Legito need to enable action.

What you do matters. Charles Drayson begins Powerup 2022 looking at the contribution we make to organisations if we see document automation in a full business context. Interaction, inspiration and action starts here.