Legito PowerUp 2023 Introducing Automation as The Ultimate Game Changer

  • Salvador is the CEO of a Mexican law firm specialising mostly in labor law.
  • The firm has grown rapidly.
  • After 50 years without reforms, Mexico has had 5 years of frequent changes to labor law.
  • The extent of changes made it hard for employers to adapt to changes, but it also made it hard for law firms to manage the quality of labor law advice.

…four years ago my partner said please don’t grow more; it’s impossible to control. My answer was ‘no’ – we need a solution to control the growth…Legito is in the centre of my firm. It’s been a solution for growing…

Salvador López Villaseñor

CEO, Stratego Firma


When Stratego Firm adopted Legito, they started with client-facing documents because that was the area of greatest need. With all the changes in Mexico, and the increased risk of employer organizations using documents which landed them in court, the firm had to find a way to address challenges:

  • Slow speed of drafting for legal documents for clients
  • Data entry errors creeping into client documents
  • Clients using out-of-date documents
  • Lack of document management and control
  • Salvador believes the key success factor was top-down leadership, He knew there would be a resistance to change, and he felt it needed a strong hand of leadership.
  • However, the results become compelling because people could see the improvements and they could see the financial benefits for everyone.

After 12 months using Legito, Stratego Firma deployed 130 automated templates, used to generate 8,000 documents for clients.

They had measurable results:

  • 87% time saving in document drafting
  • 99% reduction of errors in client documents
  • 25% increase in client satisfaction scores
  • Salvador told us that future plans include using the Legito API to integrate with the firm’s financial systems, and extending Legito to more departments.
  • Meanwhile, he reports that Legito has also helped with onboarding new legal staff at a time when it’s been hard to recruit enough staff in Mexico.
  • Legito has been an excellent tool to support new lawyers when they join.

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