Legito PowerUp 2023 Sales Automation in an International Technology Company

  • EGT is a global business in the development, production and distribution of gaming products, with annual revenues now reaching €500 million.
  • We were joined by three speakers: Pavin Stoyanoff, Katina Titkova and Maria Papazova, to discuss their implementation and two years of using Legito in a heavily regulated industry.
  • When they met Legito in 2019, EGT had already acquired experience of implementing change in their business: they deployed SAP and Salesforce for their 3,000 employees.

Starting off with Legito, we first uploaded our entire company archive and in only a few days we had about 3,000 documents digitally stored and organised. At that point, we could very easily answer any question about any document

Maria Papazova

Chief Financial Officer

  • They selected Legito to deal with document management, unification of documents, preventing unauthorised changes to templates, time-saving, and to collect information. Legito became part of the company’s global commercial processes.
  • Before Legito, EGT had many documents scattered across multiple locations, many of which could not be accessed by the legal team. It was difficult for teams to collaborate.
  • Teams stored documents in different ways, and it was hard to maintain.
  • They couldn’t answer even basic questions about the documents in their possession.
  • EGT created separate Legito workspaces so that departments had tools customised to their department needs. Pavin made an interesting observation about EGT’s priorities. They wanted to keep the legal team happy and the sales team happy.
  • Using the self-service features in Legito meant the Sales team could do work without waiting for the legal team.
  • Self-service released more time for EGT lawyers, which they used to further improve the templates and facilities deployed for the Sales team.
  • Estimated times for document tasks reduced from an average of 1-15 hours down to 1-5 hours.
  • However, it transpired that Legito’s role as a database for legal knowledge is having the biggest impact.

Using Legito now is a very good basis for the future to achieve further improvements and optimisations in the digital world.

Pavlin Stoyanoff

CEO, Visiaw

  • Legito has become a repository for legal knowledge which can be integrated with their increased use of digital tools, including integrating with SAP and Sales Force.
  • Pavin felt that the ‘legal database’ role of Legito will be pivotal.
  • At the time of their presentation, EGT have created 10,000 documents using Legito.

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