Document Drafting Automation Basics

Feel the magical moment when your first automated clause starts working, and you realize how much Legito can do for you.

25 min | 13 Tasks

Task 7 Repeating Clauses

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Enter a new System Name “number-of-installments” for the Text Input Element

Now, let’s focus on sub-paragraph 3.2.1. This Sub-paragraph shall repeat for each installment. We cannot anticipate the number of installments and so will employ the Repeat function to show a new Sub-paragraph for each new installment the user needs to enter.

Enter a new System Name for the Text Input Element where the Document User will enter the number of installments. Let’s call it “number-of-installments”. After entering the name, click anywhere outside the System Name field.

Step 2: Find the suggestion “Repeat according to number of Text Input number-of-insta…” in the Conditions & Repeats panel

In the Conditions & Repeats panel, we will now find a suggestion that will apply the Repeat logic we need.  

Find the suggestion “Repeat according to number of Text Input number-of-insta…”, and drag and drop the suggestion to sub-paragraph 3.2.1.  

To review the Repeat logic that has been added, click the Edit button for sub-paragraph 3.2.1. Then click the Repeat tab in the horizontal menu at the top. Note that the full repeat phrase is viewable there in a structure similar to a Condition. You can also manually create a Repeat should the suggestion not be found. Take a moment to review the phrase and become familiar with its structure.


 Pro Tip: A standard use of the Repeat Rule is to relate it to a Button Element. Every time the Document User clicks the modified button, the Clause text will appear under a new section number.
Step 3: Save and Test your Legito Smart Document Template

Save your Legito Smart Document Template and test the newly entered Condition and Repeat rules.

The rules should operate as follows: If the number 3 is entered into the Text Input Element (the number of installments), then the related Clause will appear three times in the document.

If so, congratulations! You have just successfully applied your first Repeat Rule!

 Pro Tip: When using “View” mode, you will see that if the answer to the Question, “How do you want to Pay” changes from “in installments” to “lump-sum”, not only does Paragraph 3.1 disappear, but also its Subparagraphs. Legito Smart Documents track the hierarchy of Clauses, and any Conditions or Rules added to a Clause are automatically applied to all subordinate Clauses.