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Instructions & Help (beta)

Learn how to add helpful tips and guidance to documents, making document generation and overall management easier for everyone involved.

15 min | 5 Tasks

Task 1: Warnings

We will apply a Warning function. Warnings can be applied to Text Input for numerical values or calculations. Warnings can be placed in areas of the document where you may wish to alert a user that an entered numerical value exceeds permitted parameters.

In this example, the Warning will remind users that the contractual penalty entered cannot exceed 5 % per day.

Click the Text Input Element representing the contractual penalty and then click the Warning function icon in the top menu.

Now set-up an algorithm and message relating to this Warning as follows:

Dropdown No. 01: “>Higher”
Text Field No. 02: “0.5”
Text Field No. 03: “The contractual penalty is too high”

Now let’s test it using Test Mode:

If you insert the number “1” (or any value higher than “0.5”) into the Money Element, does it show you the warning message? If so, congratulations! You have just successfully set up your first Warning!