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Instructions & Help (beta)

Learn how to add helpful tips and guidance to documents, making document generation and overall management easier for everyone involved.

15 min | 5 Tasks

Task 3: Initial Instructions

It is possible to create initial and follow-up instructions for each of your templates.

Go to your Dashboard, and open your Loan Agreement Template Suite, and then click the Add Initial button located on the Template Suite Administration Panel to the left of your Template Suite.

Copy following text to the area for initial instructions:

Please do not use this contract for actual matters.

This document was automated as part of Legito’s Power User Training Course.

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•        You can access the learning course here: /learn/

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•        Recommended permission settings for typical user roles are available: /knowledge-base/users-and-permissions/

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In order to make the instructions more visible, adjust the pop-up notification options to make the instructions pop-up every time a user opens the Template.

Once completed, click the Save Changes button.

Go to the Dashboard and click the Create button on the Loan Agreement template place holder.

The Initial instructions should be displayed as such: