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Instructions & Help (beta)

Learn how to add helpful tips and guidance to documents, making document generation and overall management easier for everyone involved.

15 min | 5 Tasks

Task 4: Follow-up Instructions

Return to the Loan Agreement Template Suite, click the Add Follow-up button in the Template Suite Administration Panel:

In the green pop-up window on the next screen, click the “Start From Scratch” button,

Add an Article to the Template Editor page. Add a Paragraph to the Article.

Copy the following text to the template:

“The name of the Creditor has not yet been inserted. Please insert the name of the Creditor before executing this contract.”

Now click the Edit button to the paragraph, and revise the Conditions Phrase as follows:

Dropdown No. 01: Choose “Text input”
Dropdown No. 02: Choose “Loan Agreement”
Dropdown No. 03: Choose “Creditor Name”
Dropdown No. 04: Choose “Is Empty”

Publish your Template.

These instructions will be included in the document transmittal email sent through Legito.