GT-1713 TE – can’t select searched object in question/select


GT-1400 TE – Item menu missing when clause is added by Enter
GT-1695 Autocomplete for Signatories – feature flag


GT-1668 Dashboard: DR – counter – icon dropdown at wrong position and unscrollable


GT-1662 Timeline – infinite log
GT-1665 Document Record – broken Anonymization
GT-1636 Duplicate – add flag “Beta”


GT-1686 Doc. Records “Modified and Created” do not recalculate time according to user settings


GT-1671 Timeline events translation fix


GT-1634 TE – TextInput properties randomly turn off (on)
GT-1689 No release note
GT-1687 No release note
GT-1685 Workflow editor doesn’t load stages.
GT-1658 Exposed JWT token in URL
GT-1603 DE – Table – Search in select disappears when trying to search
GT-1473 Manage Signatures (section and widget): Dropdown Calendar Too Tiny With Just One Signature


GT-1515 DMS/Objects – Chat improvements – set “Messages” as a system property
GT-1544 DMS – Search in attachments – highlight attachment with match


GT-1672 Document loading time


GT-1656 Workflow: Automatic trigger for signing in process not working
GT-1641 Customize Dashboard – Document Records – Kanban widget- missing source string


GT-1608 Search – Add wildcard query for properties


GT-1661 Workflow – infinite cycle in approval


GT-1599 Workflow – Extending triggers – FE: add tooltip
GT-1543 DMS – Attachement State – pending/searchable/failure icons
GT-1542 Workflow – Extending triggers for automatic and manual switching of Stages
GT-1506 OCR/Search in attachments: By default enabled for new Workspaces
GT-1502 DMS – Edit columns: Option to hide any column


GT-1541 API: files on document-record are incorrectly cached


GT-1613 Customize Dashboard – unchecking “Make this dashboard private” lets user create more than one default dashboard
GT-1609 Template Editor – Header/Footer – Conditions – first/odd/even bug fix
GT-1598 Implement auto-fill signatories for other signatures.
GT-1568 Export – table in RTE is missing borders


GT-1413 Option to search with synonyms


GT-1582 Customize Dashboard – checkbox “Default dashboard” – only one default dashboard
GT-1477 Template Administration – Users can see catogories they don’t have permisson for
GT-677 Adding extended signature annotation extraction to Docusign


GT-1525 DMS: Search in text attachments


GT-1611 DE: Smart Import – unable to import data to select mapped to object


GT-1602 TE – condition on button “hasn’t been clicked” bug fix


GT-1499 Dashboard: Widget – edit not possible


GT-1570 Added new server error message
GT-1527 Workflow – Automatic triggers – Skip several stages if conditions are met
GT-1517 OCR – Implementation for Object records
GT-686 TE – Visual differentiation of inherited parameters in Item menu


GT-1557 OR – 500 when deleting file from saved files
GT-1551 Export – bilingual document – element Money In Words doesn’t translate correctly
GT-1549 Document editor – Download – cannot download bilingual document


GT-1529 DE – Signing Modal – 1 document & 1 type of signature
GT-1555 Dashboard – Changing the workflow on the Drop area widget does not change the workflow for document record when dropping a document
GT-1475 Batch Genereation: Element Money – currency changes from CZK do pounds
GT-1453 DMS – cannot load associated template in DE
GT-1577 DE – Document with link to currency-in-money throws server error


GT-1394 Nicer “Server Error Message”


GT-1509 Fixed DocuSign bug


GT-1558 Manage documents – cannot search value while filtering


GT-1518 DMS – Doc. record – Confidential property doesn’t trigger Doc. record change
GT-1487 Výsledný dokument – Line Spacing v TE (Single/1.5 lines) nepřebíjí ALD


GT-1405 Option to change a search query in GUI


GT-1445 We added a new flash message in DMS when bulk sharing so that users can easily tell, which documents have been shared based on user permissions.
GT-1519 Timezone time and Chat time don’t respect daylight saving time


GT-1354 OCR Part I: Upload attachments and feature flag
GT-1355 OCR Part II: Download – fully functional OCR search for supported attachement types


GT-1497 BronxDA SSO individualAuthorization field invalid values
GT-1495 API – GET Document Record – Error 400 Bad Request – missing owner_id
GT-1491 Push API request failure logging
GT-1488 API v6/v7 – Response Body GET a PUT /user/permission/ – downloadPdfa always true
GT-1486 API error GET event in Object records
GT-1480 Workflow: Approval – cannot choose approver
GT-1474 WS Settings \> Footer Throws 500
GT-1468 Added new error message for downloading to LibreOffice
GT-1435 AdobeSign: List only pending sign requests in Saved Files
GT-1444 We fixed an error when bulk downloading and added a new flash message in DMS so that users can easily tell from which document records were the files downloaded based on user permissions.
GT-1446 We added a new flash message in DMS when bulk changing document owner so that users can easily tell for which documents were the owners changed.
GT-1447 We added a new flash message in DMS when bulk setting expiration date so that users can easily tell for which documents were the expiration dates set.


GT-1493 DE BRD RichText likely to break PhpDocx export


GT-1483 Document editor: specific BRD document record error 500


GT-1469 Document Editor – PDF template – download of older version of template
GT-1459 Workspace timeline showing logs from other workspaces
GT-1448 Login to Legito in iFrame does not work (HTTP 303)


GT-1476 Fixed the issue with download in workspaces with no ALD.
GT-1482 Fixed a bug in select element linked to object when select doesn’t hold it’s value.


GT-1460 Workspace footer – we fixed a bug when adding new column to workspace footer
GT-1451 SSO roles – we fixed a bug with permissions not being saved correctly
GT-1432 Download Modal – we fixed some minor UX bugs in the new download modal design
GT-1427 Document Editor – Select to object – we fixed a bug with search in the select elements linked to object
GT-1383 Upgrade of ElasticSearch, we implemented non-destructive reindex so that users can work in Legito even while the indexation is in progress, fixed and improved search in Object records.
GT-1277 Objects – Full text search bug fix


GT-1439 Fixed a bug when the exported PDF file was in the wrong format. Set a longer timeout for generating the PDF file.
GT-1428 Fixed a visual bug in Document Editor – the Czech version of download modal button text runs out of the modal.
GT-1431 Fixed a bug when duplicated elements shared properties and could not be edited separately.
GT-1440 Fixed a bug when User Permission: Export to “.txt” file and “.docx” file – deactivation disables the function “Combine all PDFs into one file”
GT-1455 Fixed a bug when document created through API with unfilled money element and currency did not load in Document editor.
GT-1441 We fixed the bulk delete button and added a new flash message in DMS when bulk deleting so that users can easily tell which documents were deleted based on user permissions.


GT-1424 Filter on “My office hours Exception requests” works for some reason


GT-1424 We fixed the Alternative advanced layout design settings in Template suite administration so that it applies correctly on the exported document.
GT-1389 We fixed the launch od Guided tour from Document editor.
GT-1430 We fixed the select dropdown linked to object so that it displays only one search bar, same as before.
GT-1434 We fixed AdobeSign token invaliadation so that after the token expires, users can create a new one.
GT-1422 By double clicking the button for signing document, two requests for signing were sent.


GT-1442 We fixed the broken invisible reference options in select and question elements so that they display correctly now and are fully functional.


GT-1385 We fixed Legito Smart Import in Document editor. It now correctly imports data from Select elements linked to Objects.
GT-1406 We fixed the placeholder in LegitoSign editor. They are now displayed correctly when signing the document.
GT-1397 We fixed the SSO roles setting so that it keeps the set values after saving and Clause Library permissions work correctly.


GT-1395 We fixed the duplicating of submenus in Template editor.
GT-1396 We fixed the GET/api/v7/workflow/revision/ endpoint. It now returns the correct response.
GT-1415 We fixed migrations on production data.
GT-1423 We fixed the Merge PDFs into one file function. It now correctly merges all PDFs and the exported file contains everything.
GT-1336 We fixed the issue with warnings set on Clause library clauses, that are blocking users from further action even when not diplayed in the Documents. Users can now work with the Document when Clause library clauses with warnings are not displayed.
GT-1344 We adjusted the loading time for Clause library clauses in Template editor and fixed the issue with cross template conditions on Clause Library clauses. By doing these adjustments we fixed the issue with disappearing conditions in Template editor.
GT-1348 This ticket solves one part of the problem with disappearing conditions in Template editor.


GT-1314 Download modal – remade Download modal in Document editor and DMS, better UI/UX, more options for users, added option to merge and download PDFs into one file
GT-1316 Signature Modal – remade Signature modal, better UI/UX, more options for users, merging of signed documents
GT-1350 Imperial Units / Localization – added more possibilites to Workspace localization, added option to use Imperial Units
GT-1310 This feature adds the option to search in Select and Question options in Document editor, using a simple searchbar.
GT-333 This new feature adds two new condition operators for Text element: has been modified/has not been modified. Users can now create conditions in Template editor based on the modification of Text elements in Document editor.
GT-1390 We removed the Word insertion section feature from Template editor. User can no longer create new Word insertion sections however any documents using this feature created prior to this task will still be fully functional.
GT-795 # Print Preview will also work for PDF templates


GT-1388 Form – The item menu for switcher element doesn’t show up


GT-1369 Template Editor – Context menu minor bug fix
GT-1318 Guided Tour – Minor bug fix
GT-1379 Onboarding – Modal translation bug fix


GT-1210 Adobe Sign – Minor bug fix


GT-1368 Template Editor – Form – Dropdown with elements bug fix
GT-1337 Guided Tour minor bug fix
GT-1364 User Onboarding – close modal title fix
GT-1362 Template Editor – Actions – Numbering menu minor visual bug fix
GT-1346 Dynamic Clause element is removed from the elements list


GT-1352 Legito Bio Sign in Safari browser bug fix
GT-1332 Export – Decimal number is exported with a period instead of a comma bug fix
GT-1325 Template Editor – Page numbering minor bug fix


GT-1343 Releated document – new version of the template unbinds to another document record bug fix


GT-1063 Document Editor – Share Template minor bug fix


GT-1303 Document Editor – Data loading speed improvements


GT-1183 Template Editor – Footnote/Endnote – Repeat can be set on footnote/endnote using drag&drop


GT-1294Document Editor – Review tabline wrapping improvements


GT-1211 Template Wizard – Multiline template name
GT-542 Fixed filter reset issue after approval


GT-1295 Manage Documents – Minor bug fix


GT-1190 Document Record cannot be expanded when using search or filters


GT-1276 Import PDF minor bug fix
GT-1279 Manage Documents – When editing a column, the column disappears


GT-707 PDFFF – Document name in tag minor bug fix


GT-1217 Document Editor – Ares minor bug fix


GT-688 Dashboard – after changing the type, there are fields that don’t belong there
GT-1115 Document Record: Timeline – Event has incorrect word
GT-1191 Guided Tour: after clicking button “restart tour” the GT modal doesn’t appear on dashboard
GT-1205 Document Property: Identifier – Duplicate value


GT-1198 Ares – change of domain address
GT-1202 Email – The forgotten password link is not showing correctly
GT-1194 Document Property: Identifier – duplicated value


GT-827 Template Suite – No Advanced Layout Design is not overwritten in the settings
GT-1185 Incorrect itme in timeline and chat
GT-1164 Chat – Edit messages text box is oddly narrow
GT-1189 LegitoSign: signed document does not get uploaded to document record as pdf
GT-1155 Template Editor – The selected repeat is overwritten/deleted


GT-1110 Notifications – Document Stage Change/Document Sharing/Change Document Owner has the wrong date
GT-1141 Export – changing after/before spacing in template ediotr changes line spacing in ALD
GT-1166 Document Editor – Conditions with Equals to error when using and apostrophe
GT-1169 Document Editor – Calculation ignores decimal point


GT-1165 Fixed issue with email notifications


GT-1147 Document Edior – Textinput with numbers only – ignores comma for decimal numbers
GT-1138 Manage document: Issue with document sharing to a large number of recipients.


GT-786 Template Editor Type Form


GT-1117 AdobeSign – unable to connect account
GT-660 In Template Editor you can set repeat to footnote/endnote
GT-1148 Document Editor – Money Element – when using “In Words” the currency is not shown in words


GT-1132 Doc. Record. Properties – Object Property Select: Single Item – cannot search by Object Property content
GT-1122 Notifications – wrong time/shape display
GT-363 TE – Select template language dialog the dialog does not show all options
GT-385 Template Editor: Insert existing article – popup window has in addition **import settings**
GT-550 Template Editor – does not show the correct values (neither Template Editor and Document Editor displays incorrectly, but the export has the correct values)
GT-692 Template Editor – After deleting article, nothing can be added in its place
GT-1118 Template Editor – the numbering dropdown does not behave correctly


GT-1089 Dashboard – Delete Dashboard – pop-up confirmation


GT-1055 Document editor – Conversation – cannot click Send button for long text
GT-1113 Dashboard – Default dashboard – can\`t edit timeline widget.
GT-327 # Template Editor – Table – Line Spacing does not work
GT-796 Document Editor: Batch generation dropdowns displays under the data tags


GT-856 Document Editor – Table – visual border
GT-922 Template editor – Table – Green border of padded rows/columns disappear after refresh
GT-1074 Template Editor – Beginning & End popup window does not close
GT-685 Document Editor: Sharing – Tooltip minor bug fix


GT-521 Document editor – information messages (ARES) cannot be seen
GT-1037 Template Editor – Clause design alignment dropdown does not look correct.
GT-1105 Image -dropdown menu for Vertical relative to/below is not displayed correctly


GT-1085 Template Editor: Condition dropdowns fix
GT-1014 Template Editor: Help – remove button fix
GT-900 Template Editor: Elements minor bug fix
GT-1019 Fixed issue when dashboard widgets sometimes had buttons not working


GT-1058 Document Editor: Batch generation: does not work with PDF type template


GT-1066 Export: Document without ALD has the wrong margins


GT-978 Not authorized to access Document Bot bug fix
GT-1030 Fixet some issues with Timeline on dashboard
GT-1028 Fixed issue with Document records – kanban widget


GT-1039 Document Editor: Dual Language mode – Changes are not saved


GT-956 Template Editor – condition on select displays “is empty”


GT-646 Duplicate button for clauses and elements


GT-864 Template Editor – Repeat – “Dropdowns” doesn\`t look properly
GT-1003 Export: No ALD has disabled hyphenation


GT-924 Сonditions “is/is not set to” on Question with Object Records in Clause (CL) cannot be set


GT-942 Dashboard – Customize Dashboard – the user can add ready for signature even if he has no permissions to do it
GT-947 Document Editor – Logarithms in Calculation Error fix


GT-930 Template editor: repeats- repeats don\`t saved.
GT-923 The condition on Select / Question, where the options are set to Object Records, defaults to “…that true…”


GT-871 Template Editor – Element Image – Unable to upload image
GT-725 PDFFF Editor: Condition – small visual bugs
GT-771 Document Editor – Start Signing incorrect logic fix
GT-897 Template Editor – Switcher and Button minor visual bug fix
GT-915 Document Editor: Internal document can be viewed in print preview mode (guest)
GT-929 Workspace settings: Footer – doesn1t work


GT-882 Fixed issue when user haven’t been notified when batch generation has finished
GT-879 # Document editor: calculation element – don\`t work


GT-913 Template Editor: can`t make a condition groups


GT-844 Conditions on a Textinput that is in the Clause Library with the “Allow for Repeat” cannot be set
GT-843 Conditions/Repeat/Links – do not work on elements that are in a table that is in the Clause Library
GT-886 Clause library: Template editor -user can\` add a condition
GT-875 PDF Editor: Document condition – Any template suite content condition not working properly
GT-885 Fixed issue when in Workspace settings some Footer settings didn’t work


GT-762 PDFFF editor – Document condition – don\`t work correctly


GT-645 All added Clauses will not have their eyelets turned on


GT-865 PDF Editor – Legito Elements change placement after publish and reload


GT-806 Template editor – Question – Dropdown on Objects + reference is transparent and you cannot select options
GT-835 Settings – API Table should have full width


GT-849 Template editor: conditions – is first, is last don`t work


GT-840 Template Editor: Select/Question references dropdown has the wrong width
GT-828 Fixed issue when Manage signings was showing wrong dates for expired documents


GT-607 Template Editor Dropdowns in Import Automated Template and Select template language are not displayed correctly
GT-791 Switching to the Form Type Template Editor doesn’t work.


GT-13 Operators “is fisrt/is last/” in Clause Library


GT-803 Export document (ALD): Word – exportuje se špatné číslování


GT-767 Document Editor: Smart Import delete the whole document
GT-757 Document Editor: The second language version shows the guided tour


GT-626 Styles – incorrect style assignment
GT-742 Endless loading of Templates in TE – impossible to open
GT-764 PDF versions and more PDFs in one template suite problems


GT-695 Object Records on Dashboard are available with no Object Record available on Workspace.
GT-710 Document Record: “Save” does not create a new version of the document and cannot be anonymized
GT-518 Document Editor: Document Menu Bar is not visible.
GT-702 Document Editor – Repeated table row cannot be removed
GT-650 Tables without borders have gray borders in Document Editor.


GT-625 Styles – negative indentation does not work


GT-679 Legito Styles – create copy of the style


GT-684 Fixed issue with CSV download of document records


GT-475 Fixed issue with Dashboard widgets and Favourite filters wouldn’t show the right data
GT-664 Document Editor: Import from Legito – search in Document Records does not work


GT-600 Drop Area widget: Users are informed when they tried to upload unsupported file format
GT-637 Legito sign: Legito users are no longer logged off after they sign the document


GT-649 Legito Sign – fixed issues with permissons


GT-181 # Template Editor/Document Editor/Exported document – Link to webpage – copied link has wrong formatting
GT-247 Template Editor – Default Values – Different behaviour between Master, LTS & ELTS when “DVs” are not completely filled in
GT-594 Fixed issue with Script revisions
GT-648 # Document Editor: Import from Sheet – doesn\`t work


GT-248 Added option to rename workflow


GT-634 Document editor: Fixed issue when change workflow change wasn’t saving


GT-68 Permissions – users without permission to edit template get correct error message when they try to edit template
GT-109 Document anonymization – fixed minor setting issues
GT-128 # Template Editor: Translation – switching between versions with an unsaved version in the list will always force an alert
GT-282 Object record – Calendar drop-down visual issues fixed
GT-501 # Template editor – Drop-down menu in elements Select and Question is moving
GT-529 FIxed Legito Sign Too many redirect error
GT-541 Export: Numbering – Empty Clause is incorrectly generated to Word without space
GT-546 Export: Word and PDF files bugs fix
GT-589 # Template Editor – Conditions – Search for “Choose Template” in Condition Menu does not work for all Clause Library
GT-590 Fixed issue with Script debugger
GT-610 Fixed full text search within single line property


GT-556 Document Editor: Eye does not hide the clause
GT-549 API v7: POST/PUT document-version/data/ – works for multiple choice object question now
GT-532 Upgrade to PHP – Latte 3
GT-500 Template Editor – Link – suggestions on the link do not have the correct background
GT-484 Template Editor: Link element cannot be linked to object select – single date
GT-440 Manage documents: Filter ribbons visual bugs fixed
GT-378 Manage documents: Document properties – viewing with different permision ends with different results fixed
GT-129 Template Editor: Changing the level will not allow you to add a new clause
GT-125 Workflow editor – notification-off icon behaviour adjustment
GT-94 Template Editor – Image element – App element panel image overlays elements
GT-74 Template Editor – adding a specific numbering style does not change the paragraph style to with numbering


GT-552 Export: Word, Rich Text Format documents and document preview fix


GT-511 API v7 – missing endpoint POST/document-version/json-integration
GT-481 Export: Legito style in an empty article containing a table incorrectly applies indentation
GT-493 Template Editor: Select in table: elements overlap the selection drop-down menu
GT-517 Empty Clause is incorrectly generated to Word without space
GT-525 Workflow Editor: Searchning properties in approval process not available
GT-509 API: Object Record connections – Single choice property not working


GT-486 TE – Document Condition bar is not placed correctly
GT-524 PwC Legito Dev – Upload file not working
GT-491 Template Editor – The “Columms Settings” and “Margin” settings are visually broken


FR-7 Remove Legito Original
GT-488 TagScripts: Ability to use new LEGITO.currentUser a LEGITO.defaultApiUser objects
GT-434 REST API v7
GT-463 Push API – ability to add custom headers to outgoing webhook


GT-61 LegitoSign fails for conditional signatures from Clauses (Clause Library)
GT-490 Dashboard: Minor bugs fix
GT-394 Document Editor: Table / No Export Clause incorrect indentation
GT-455 Template Editor: Text and numbering indentation fix
GT-454 Document Editor: Tooltips fix
GT-467 NetDocuments Bugs fix
GT-449 NetDocuments Custom Attribute fix
GT-33 Template Editor – Table of Contents The “Design” tab is missing before saving dropdown for Word & PDF Export.
GT-232 “Repeat set to Table row marks the entire table in green.”
GT-355 Some databases might not have “DYNAMIC” ROW_FORMAT.
GT-389 Template Editor: Modal Window “Import from Word” minor visual bug fix
GT-353 Document editor – Word Insertion Section Text Drop Picture Here
GT-352 Template editor – Translation – Select/Question – The settings can be edited in translations.
GT-348 Table – Changing Legito style to ‘clause with a table’ does not overwrite into the table.
GT-143 Template Editor – LINK in CLAUSE – Incorrect size of the dropdown arrow.


GT-252 Custom Text buttons for adding Object Record
GT-462 Field for Custom Data added to User
GT-442 Update to Angular 16
GT-427 API v1 and v2 retirement


GT-464 Manage Document: Owner search
GT-372 AdobeSign: Multiple request to sign


GT-457 DE: Default styles indentation
GT-364 DE Export: Endnote / footnote no space


GT-459 AdobeSign: Minimum webhooks payload


GT-136 DE: Rich Text replaces elements when repeating
GT-250 Object record: Missing default Owner
GT-251 Dashboard: Doesn’t change stage workflow after approval
GT-257 Admin WS – Legito Footer off/on
GT-269 Workspace Settings – Dialog Box in Create Property group
GT-270 Workspace Settings – Position Settings for Object Property Group
GT-295 AdobeSign: Webhooks Update
GT-319 DE+Export Document: – “Help” formatting
GT-371 DE – Legito Info boxes positions
GT-381 TE: Translation – Title function “Insert existing Article” removed
GT-386 TE: Table – unmerge button size
GT-390 TE: row/column/cell colour
GT-430 Object record: New record – Server error
GT-438 NetDocuments integrations
GT-453 Manage Documents: Document Record – missing details


GT-141 TE: Import automated templates styles change
GT-275 DE: Table borders
GT-302 TE: Hide borders, hide header and footer bug
GT-347 TE: Conditions drag & drop
GT-351 TE: Translation – add article
GT-384 TE: Clauses – multinumbering


GT-338 DE: Question – Multiple choice visual bug
GT-357 Document Export: Hide for second language bug



GT-69 DE: element repeat in table
GT-142 Document share to nonexistent user
GT-160 TE: Labels for articles
GT-167 Email translations
GT-202 TE: Move columns in tables
GT-227 TE: Visibility of links in help
GT-268 Workspace: Template headline in Object properties
GT-272 Object records dashboard: Sorting
GT-323 Dashboard edit server error
GT-343 DE: error in translations


GT-71 TE: “Is Last” condition duplicity
GT-127 TE: Multiple QR Codes select
GT-144 TE: Clause library with
GT-164 TE: Publish error
GT-246 TE: QR Code – undo/redo for size
GT-289 TE Export – CZ diacritic
GT-299 AdobeSign: Secured PDF
GT-310 TE: Styles in table and clause
GT-312 TE: Date conditions
GT-335 Dashboard: Show all error


GT-16 – TE: Automatically generated System Name
GT-149 – TE: Clear Formatting
GT-155 – TE: Spacing Exactly and At Least
GT-174 – TE: Select – design improvements
GT-274 – TE: Active input design


GT-301 – Manage Documents: Single User Selection Document Record Property


GT-7 – Document Records: Double confirmation
GT-185 – External Sharing: link duplicity
GT-267 – TE: Legito styles in tables


GT-266 – Manage Documents List – Peformance issue


GT-14 – TE: Styles change in table after refresh
GT-18 – TE: Paragraph visibility
GT-24 – TE: Search box for conditions
GT-122 – TE – Deleted hyperlink with element error
GT-134 – TE: Link to text impotu in other template
GT-163 – TE: Delete numbering causes JSON error
GT-169 – TE: Numbering formating
GT-192 – DE: Compare causes server error for some documents
GT-204 – TE: Clause Library – visibility for creators
GT-213 – TE: default values
GT-226 – JSON integration – Doc settings – identify user by User ID
GT-236 – DE: Undo/Redo withou track changes


GT-220 – FlowSign improvements


GT-19 – JSON editor: Undo/Redo
GT-47 – DE: Import from Sheet UI improvements
GT-145 – LegitoSign: Link in email for signature


GT-211 – ALD editor: minor improvements


GT-1 – TE – Borders in a table
GT-30 – DE – Import from sheet
GT-48 – TE – Endnote with link
GT-159 – API: error with multiple object


GT-173 – Batch Generation error


GT-6 – Document anonymization
GT-9 – Export – Page numbering – continue form previous section
GT-11 – Setting – User groups filter
GT-25 – TE – Line spacing in a table
GT-27 – DE – Spacing in tables
GT-52 – LegitoSign – signature expiration
GT-56 – Dashboard Edit widget error
GT-64 – DE – Import from Sheet empty cells
GT-66 – TE – Clause Library in bulk actions
GT-70 – Export – enter in footer
GT-152 – Workspace footer not visible
GT-170- DE – Batch generation field mapping
GT-172 – FlowSign – expiration of signing process


20664 – Template Editor – Dropdown in Title
20991 – Template Editor – UI improvements for “Next condidion”
21776 – Template Editor – Conditions in Elements with repeat
22139 – Workflow – Approvers
22387 – Role identifier in SSO


22442 – Template Editor – Condition for clauses


21746 – JSON integration – Trigger removed
22197 – API – Empty value in Date
22403 – AdobeSign – Sequential signing


21085 – FlowSign – now support placeholders


21043 – TE – Ruler in Margins
21444 – TE – Image alignment
21736 – TE – Information about version
21858 – DE – Table of content for second language
22164 – TE – Conditions for Text element


21853 – TE – search for Choose Template in Condition Menu


22201 – Bugfix – User group creation


21232 – Export to Word – First Line Indentation
21836 – DE – Default values in repeated text input
21872 – DE – Billingual document – date field size
21917 – Export to Word – Don’t hyphenate
21975 – Document download in timeline
22084 – DE + buton in own clause
22115 – DocuSign save error


21419 – Onboarding 2.0 – User Onboarding
21950 – Onboarding 2.0 – Workspace Onboarding


21928 – TE – Performance fix for bilingual documents


16945 – TE – Help UI improvements
21082 – TE – clause indent makes Item disappear
21350 – Document Editor: API – Value in Select
21724 – TE – import improvements
21680 – DE: Record properties permission improvements
21928 – TE – Performance fix for bilingual documents


21843 – Support MSG and EML files in Document Records


21964 – Clause library: Save condition bug


20729 – A missing link in emails to documents.
21471 – Workspace notification.
21594 – API – multiple-choice questions.
21634 – DE – background color in money and date elements.
21644 – TE – Header / Footer content.
21767 – AdobeSign – minor fixes.
21818 – Logs in Scripts


21690 – Exported documents: Numbering in tables


15127 – Doc. Editor: Element Money – Money field set to full width always has “In Words” on
15640 – Textinputs in Firefox
15854 – DE: Import from Legito – setup settings
16195 – Flash message in template when the sign type is not selected
21114 – Document editor – Template/Clause Library (CL) – view in test mode
21415 – Document editor – Question – bad order display
21438 – Manage Workspace change default secondary colour
21440 – DMS – missing space between edit and download buttons
21485 – Styles – download a document with a style containing special characters in the name
21587 – Question in the second language shifts the alignment
21635 – DE – QR code element – saving document after adding textinput
21678 – TE – Word and PDF export dropdown – Advanced style in input disappear
21682 – Edit Header/Footer Content – Bilingual
21739 – External sharing: Additional document validation


18478 – Default Values in Clause Library article


21633 – JSON + Manage signings – wrong button colours


19054 – Template editor – dropdowns in the design panel for clauses don´t close on click
21237 – Document Editor – Import from Sheet/Import from Legito/Batch – Dropdown UI Improvements
21241 – Template Editor – link in table with a long name is outside the link element
21323 – Settings – Announcements Notification Fix .
21412 – Document Editor – Acess issues to some templates
21421 – Document Editor – UI improvements (Spacing in qouestions outside clauses)
21428 –Workspace: Payment Invoices for recurring payments
21436 – Onboarding improvements
21476 –Apache 404 – non-existent file error
21572 –  Encrypted documents


14093 – New login application
21435 – PHP – lib Mathesio – refaktoring


21465 – Create a new WS in Free trial version



16049 – Document Editor – DV condition input fix.
18193 – AdobeSign – Document FileName in document name.
18698 – Document Editor – Missing translation in Clause Library.
20075 – Template Editor – Udo / Redo minor fixes.
20177 – Template Editor – Dropdown in top menu improvements.
20515 – Template Editor – Text element in clause position change fix.
20865 –.Exported Document – Link to clause number fix.
20918 – SSO Login – Language reset fix. 
20951 – QR Code – Spacebar error fix.
20993 – Exported Document – Legito Numbering force restarts numbering in ALD.
21076 – Empty rows in link for multiple property.
21119 – User Rights – JSON integration.
21126 – PHP upgrade 8.1.16
21139 – Document Editor: spacing in text.
21174 – Template Editor – Clause library hide select. Visual bug.
21228 – PHP firebase / php-jwt
21269 – Apache – mutex – Mac M1
21332 – Default secondary color in workspace fix.
21362 – PMA port fix.
21416 – Onboarding – Links.


13856 – Onboarding 2.0
20864 – NetDocuments – Save to
21233 – 500 Error message description.



18977 – Template Editor – Visual changes in search field.
20472 – Template Editor – Visual fix in response mapping.
20911 – Template Editor – Unpublish templates visibility permission fix.
20919 – Template Editor – Repeat for columns with links fix.
21089 – Template Editor – Question tooltip fix.
20948 – Document Editor – Import from Legito – server error fix.
20137User Rights – Fix in user right list view.
20400 – Time off in scripts for dates on US servers.
21055 – PHP – Cache fix.
21066 – PHP – Upgrade to 8.1



20789 – User rights – The creator of the given template does not have the right to Apply condition
20776 – Object records – filter Users in combination with Single Date throws 500
20389 – Visual error – when dragging and dropping CL into the template, the cursor has a special name
20545 – Template Editor – Firstline value is not saved after refresh
19474 – Header/Footer – behavior change – generation of enter into the resulting document


19744 – If I mark in bulk (via ctrl) conditional select elements, text input and uploaded image do not have highlight color.
15281 – Editor – Undo sets the document margin to 1cm with the ruler
20666 – If I want to add a new user in the “People” section (Add User) or edit it (Edit), Legito does not respond (loading takes place and nothing happens) and the server throws an Error.
20588 – If I want to create a new property or edit an existing one, nothing happens and an Error pops up in the console.
15779 – The warning about discarding unsaved changes in “Translate” is not displayed correctly
20068 – Smart Import – labels overlap when mapping fields
19431 – Object records – Single Choice Select – record cannot be created
19143 – Downloading a file in XML format does not work


20592 – Adding color to the elements gives an Error in the console
20542 – If they are in the document editor and I create default settings, then after clicking save, they give me 500. No default settings are created.
20390 – The inserted clause library is marked whenever I click anywhere in its space, via right-click and after clicking on its tooltip.
20340 – Desired behavior: Clauses/question/Table of Content can be inserted above the inserted Clause (CL)
20143 – Document Editor: Select element following Textinput with Label – Select area not working properly
20114 – Template Editor: Table – the table remains tinted even after setting the background color to “None”
18507 – Desired state: Only the cell marked by the creator will be formatted


15890 – Editor – suggestion link to amount of money
19479 – Legito Original – Spacing After/Before and Indentation
20193 – Tags – after clicking out of the element, the tags disappear
19035 – context menu – replace/insert new – table element has wrong background color
20176 – Template Editor – Page number cannot be inserted into points
20076 – Template Editor: Search for repeat – not working
19862 – Template editor – Repeat – addition of text for repeat to “value in any Template Suite Element”
20191 – People – User rights – Can create document records incorrectly also affects the creation of Object records


19997 – Template editor: Clause library – With Collapse all clauses and Smart loading, the Clause library in the Header and Footer is multiplied. 
20174 – Template Editor – Select has a bad z-index, they overlap with question
19995 – Actions menu bar – If the user selects a Clause and then clicks on Actions, the Clause will be unchecked.
19957 – An empty Rich text element cannot be edited
19956 – After clicking in the text field of the element, Rich text closes
19954 – Template editor – options u question – dropdown disappears and the option cannot be deleted or moved
18974 – Bulk Actions on Clauses – the “replace with” box is missing


16154 – Word – The image in the header and footer does not work with ALD
18851 – The template editor (CL) always opens in default, not in translation.
19688 – Objects – Sharing – The Share button does not work
19548 – Exported document – Default Values ​​- Clauses that have “Removed” in their default values ​​are not exported.
19135 – Shift+Enter in the table creates a new row in the same cell, as is the case with newly created tables.
19602 – An error is thrown when trying to create a footnote/endnote in the Template editor for any element (eg Text Input).
19953 – Clicking on the Manage Signing tab will log the user out


19680 – Permission – changes made to user permissions are not saved
19657 – TemplateEditor – Paragraph tooltips are not displayed and cannot be marked
19550 – Template Editor: Condition on Clauses – If I want to change the system name in Condition on clause, I get Error 400
19525 – Wrong behavior: Legito Style alignment is prescribed in the resulting document, although it is downloaded with ADL.
19119 – Data from the link element, which is connected to Object, is not overwritten
18883 – Please disable the option of inserting a continuous section into the header/footer. Currently it works, but it doesn’t work.


14275 – After setting the left lower and upper sidebars to max, the text breaks and is outside the document
18332 – Document editor – Unlocked text disappears after using Enter
18890 – Switcher – Suggestions for default values ​​and conditions do not work
19263 – Enter was started to be generated in the resulting documents in some cases.
19293 – The changed text of the warning on the question will be able to be changed in the Translation Editor.
19303 – If the Own clause is filled in the Document editor, the document cannot be downloaded → server error
19505 – the flag / language selection in the header should be on the right next to the user account.


18724 – The resulting document – Indentation/Spacing – Don’t add space will not be overwritten
19169 – Copying the template through the manage workspace does not work
16838 – When I get to the Approved state (I don’t have the option to go back in Workflow), I can select both Draft and Internal Review as the default stage during External Sharing, but once I select them, I no longer have the option to return Approved.
19060 – The set Color and underline of the Link elements was not copied to the Template Editor for all existing templates. The so-called it is not copied to the Document Editor or to the resulting document.


16044 – Editor – Import Automated Template does not copy New page Section
18571 – Own Clause is not generated in the exported document
18652 – the set Default values ​​are not copied, both via Import Automated Template and Manage Workspaces
18775 – From the point of view of user permission, permissions to Objects should behave the same as permissions to Manage Documents.
18967 – If I use a combination of filters for Stage worfklow and Single Choice select, Legito searches endlessly.
18932 – It will be possible to insert a paragraph into the Article with the question, and it will not be possible to insert an Article and Title.


18695 –Dynamic clause – Does not work on value in Select/Question
18331 – Template editor – Auto-generated system name – overwriting historically set system names
14174 – Dashboard – the top list overlays notifications and dropdown
18853 – Multiple Choice using Ctrl on Clauses does not work
18862 – Multi-select for clauses broken

18745 – When “Collapse all clauses” is displayed, the Articles containing the questions will collapse on top of each other
18624 – In the downloaded documents, there are different indentations and column widths for some tables.
These are tables that follow one another in the Template Editor without any text element between them


16879 – Conditions on “first/odd/even page” disappeared
18722 – Template editor – you can’t click into the Question element and the Title
18659 –  User rights – Access to all categories/countries
18636 – Cannot Copy or use recent link
18634 – Setting a Repeat on a Group of Fields is broken
18612 – Editor – the Identifier can be set for the link to the object property
18452 – Template editor – Clauses – paragraph cannot be added


18333 – Document editor – Object – Multiline text in a table breaks the table.
18512 – If I create a property for objects on Financial Value and subsequently create a record object where I do not fill in this property, creating a line in the editor on the Object property throws a 400.
18605 – A newly created link is automatically bold, plus an already created link automatically changes to bold when clicked.
18463 – Clause Text for inserted clause on mouse over needs to be changed.
18421 – Default values ​​do not hold values ​​if they are dependent on the switcher.
14474 – Date padding not applied to full width date fields
18360 – Editor – links to the property object do not overwrite the selected object
18437 – When setting the background color via the design of the hyperlink, the color is not transferred to the downloaded document.


16636 – The Design set on the hyperlink is not copied to the Document editor and the resulting document.
18371 – “Assigned Document Records” in Objects does not work.
18264 – After clicking on the dropdown of that type, it is possible to select it, but after selection, there will be no change, the display will remain on Created.
18167 – Editor – only capital letters are written in Title
16764 – Add option to add to clauses in CL description just like it is with Template Suits


16739 – Bullets are not displayed in the Rich Text Element.
17024 – Editor – user property selection for object question/select
16888 – The template editor is not aligned with the upper ruler, focus out does not work
16930 – When I play with image positioning (images that are loaded via the API), I cannot open the downloaded document.
18175 – Mail notifications do not work
18223 – As soon as I set up a link to the website, open it in Renderer, click on the link, it throws me an empty window.


16697 – Cannot condition against TextInput used for a repeat in another Template in the same Template Suite
16721 – Continuous section deletes content
16961 – Mail notifications do not work
17006 – Last user login event performace
17007 – Max total value performace


16774 – Document records from the link connected to the select from the object are not written correctly.
14322 –
Replace doesn’t function in the Template Editor
16025 –
Template Editor – Translation – The last line in the table (in the translator) has a larger font size than the other lines.
16251 –
People – Sorting by “Role” and “ID” does not work.
16603 –
Document editor/Resulting document – Objects – Links to Objects are not copied
16778 –
Template Editor – missing/broken links on Clause
16825 –
Bullets in Help do not work
16019 – There are giant spaces between the columns and the text wraps badly.


16788 – Template Editor – Table/Image – the size does not count towards the width of the template
16720 – Save/Publish does not work if there are unset Links in the template
16593 – Several bugs in Objects
16577 – NetDocuments – change visibility on configuration form
16469 – Clear cache on update data for NetDocuments
16048 – Nullable properties in API requests and documentation
16704 – If I delete the option in the select or question, it is not possible to publish/save the template.


16061 – Dragging the conditions/repeat on the image does not adjust to the size of the image, but is over the entire block.
16405 – After removing Numbering via Actions or just by clicking on Numbering, it throws an error.
16475 – Select – Sorting – does not work for special characters and custom
16545 – Editor – Question – Undo to change the order visually removes all options
16585 – Conditions for warnings contain/not contain/exact do not work if the condition for displaying the warning contains a space.
16174 – It is not possible to set Margins for other than “Custom” paper type.


16462 – Document editor – Question – Multiple Choice – non-functional warning note
16510 – Filename is not written to the Push API
16492 – The filter deletes already selected users during search and marking
16542 – Create document record – editing identifier and its disappearance


16354 – Clicking on the button “Create and add another” Document entry throw 500
16052 – Download word/pdf > The table is shifted to the right in the resulting document and is cut off from it.
15911 – If I remove all content from the row of the table, the row is hidden – wrong behavior. This does not happen on the column. However, elements can be inserted into it, only the given line is not visible.
15924 – Editor > Suggestions for conditions/repeats are also displayed for deleted elements
16393 – The Counter Widget on the Dashboard does not count such records and thus there is a difference between the number in Manage Documents
Dashboard – Counter widget – Confidential Doc Records are not counted
16363 – Guided tour – overlaid warning
16464 – Batch processing not displaying money values in read-only document.
16404 – Editor – condition on select “is(not) empty” is deleted after refresh


16330 – The order of possibility for references in the question is not the same in the Editor as in the renderer.
16337 – If I try to create a new Property in the Objects setting without having an object created before, the application throws a 500.
15892 – Matching Fields missing in Import from Sheet
16050 – Select does not visually have the select first option checked by default. But in Renderer it behaves as if it is checked.
16173 – Template Suite – No export settings will change the order of templates
16207 – Unable to save a template with an empty reference in the question.


16041 – If I open the new line settings dropdown and then open the context menu for another element, the new line dropdown remains open.
16049 – Template editor – Clauses – Shorcut Tab – Using the keyboard shortcut “Tab” will not be able to create a non-existent level.
16181 – The header content tag is generated if the header is empty in Legito
16206 – It is not possible to apply the Filter preset to objects – it throws a server error
16137 – After creating a repeat on the article, the option “Apply recent condition” is displayed, even if there is no condition.


16143 – Cannot change table borders
16177 – Users with objects with sharing
16104 – Changing the order of templates in the template suite is not saved


16051 – Document Editor – Question – Unable to select options
16094 – When the Users “Me” filter is selected, no records are searched, although the user appears in the documents.
16008 – If I have a related document for which I set a stage with “Lock document editing” set, I cannot click through it.
15211 – Editor – numbering via Actions is not displayed correctly
16071 – Spacing not set on an imported document, resulting in no spacing


16053 – Table width resets the styles in the table
15860 – Resulting document – Table – Font size and font are not prescribed
15891 – Bulk Actions – replace with na clauses
15977 – Template editor – the upper buttons for adding table columns do not work
16085 – Word – extra empty lines in a bilingual document
15996 – Template Editor – Broken link to Objects
15901 – The resulting document – Numbering – publish adds an empty line


15923 – Editor – existing article cannot be inserted via Title
15869 – If the creator clicks the “Automatic Period” checkbox, a period will be added to the end of the clause in the Document editor and the resulting document.
15804 – It will be possible to set Indentation with a decimal number + arrows will always work
16002 – Settings – “Minimal length” input box is too small for two-digit numbers
15987 – Objects – at Property Single data error icon
15965 – Multiple select – Marking multiple elements does not work
15881 – The Kanban – create docu record widget will only take effect after refreshes
15734 – It will always be possible to insert structural elements at the end of the template editor.
15933 – The text inserted into the application will contain spaces according to the copied template.
15808 – The Hanging setting does not work for the first line of a paragraph. The setting only works from the 2nd line.


15487 – In the repeater, instead of the specific Clause that I have marked, “paragraph” is written.
15822 – It will show the wrong modal when restoring a deleted document.
15667 – Editor – the same options can be added to the question.
15935 – Editor – button cannot be saved after deleting mines.
15863 – Removing the maximum number of repeats breaks the repeat on the button.
15834 – Workflows – “Make as default” button works like “Delete” button.
15831 – Editor – Visual control of the switcher, conditions.
15889 – Renderer – link to amount in money


Stick Notes

15778 – Flowing text in “Document Records”
15777 – Evaluation text in signing page
15798 – The color selection in the editor is not centered
15776 – Legito Sign Confirmation Formatting
14038 – Using left and right indentation in tables in the editor does not work.
15781 – Navigation – Manage Signings string is not visible in the Navigation page
15625 – No Export clause background different than questions
15390 – If I click or unclick Multi choice in the editor for Select or Question, the hidden menu will only appear after I click on another tab and then go back.


Add low res images flag settings to REST API

15790 – Editor – conditions are not saved on selects from another template
15748 – Fix images/references + odstraneni docker default network + mongo editor
15729 – Changed sleep time for mariadb
15642 – Template Editor – Select – Sorting does not work
15703 – Objects – cannot edit properties
15708 – External sharing – the user sees the possibility of merge to never work
15671 – Word – the value 0.5 is not copied into the tables in the resulting document


Legito Sign

15642 – Template Editor – Select – Sorting does not work


Extension of the ability to edit properties with the Workspace Admin only option
Add a button to activate Legito Sign to General in Settings

14706 – When Locking an element with a warning, a number appears next to them.
15523 – Template editor – Textinput – green framing
15587 – Template editor – System names – Question – cannot create condition
15607 – Legito Sign on US Server – Once you sign a document, you’re stuck there
15529 – DMS – Uploaded files – Change filename extension
15591 – Test template from template editor 
15623 – certificate.pfx for legitosign
15598 – Batch generate does not work in documents containing object record select
15668 – Unable to create property in objects. When you click Create, the Property is not created.
15322 – The resulting document – Advanced Style is not copied on a copy of Article
15256 – If I set the font size with a decimal number in the Template Editor, then this font size will be copied with a decimal place to the resulting document.
15579 – Settings – Document record properties, multiple doc records and multiple object records cannot be added
15556 – Template editor – Select – the condition for an empty option does not work / disappears
15549 – New Questions are visually broken. The text wraps before the options instead of the options going under the question name.


New feature in Legito for electronic document signing.
The secondary identifier of Document Records in dropowns will be newly optional.

12499 – If I lock a document by switching the status in the Workflow, some Questions will disappear completely, instead of just locking it.
15304 – Footnote / Endnote – elements are copied
15393 – Template editor – Conditions and Repeats – dragging does not work on the selected element
15178 – The ruler is drawn in front of the element tabs at the beginning of the document
15551 – Legito redirecting to wrong URL in SSO on Test mode
15479 – The guided tour restarts when closed
15528 – Older customized Dashboards cannot be displayed and therefore not edited


Linking Objects and Templates so that the Templat creator does not have to manually list options for a given Question / Select, but can refer to one of the existing Objects whose Records will be selected in that Question / Select.


Sharing to Objects

15316 – When multiple Links are marked, they will be overwritten
14663 – Renderer – Date dropdown history overshadows date selection
15237 – Template editor – Bulk editing overwrites and deletes settings
15475 – Styles – alignment of inputs in Special Indentation
15477 – Clicking on the warning (if I want to hide it) next to the Date element will display the calendar.


14732 – When a new warning is displayed, the previous clicked / hidden warnings will not be displayed.
15081 – If I remove paragraph 8.4.2 in the exported word document, then I expect that the next paragraph (8.4.3.) Will automatically be renumbered to me in word 8.4.2. However, this does not happen, the paragraph still retains the original numbering. Thus, the document then contains paragraph 8.4.1 and is followed by 8.4.3.
However, if I apply a numbering style to a newly created paragraph, the numbering behaves correctly.
15348 – Trimmed letter “g” in buttone “Sign document”
15164 – The link in the help does not work.
15394 – Clauses without a tint set will not be visually tinted.
15354 – Document Condition – after disabling “Applying condition” the template cannot be downloaded


15060 – When moving a table from a paragraph to an item, the area for clicking on “Edit” is reduced.
15135 – Legito Styles – cannot save new style if I click “Export style to Microsoft Word”
15235 – The “Disable / Enable” button on the API / Push API does not work
15323 – Identifier – Blank field for Identifier related documents
15238 – Import from sheet and save the document will create a new document (new doc.record) instead of creating a new version of the existing document
15331 – I create an identifier and uncheck the “apply separate identifier for related document records” checkbox, then I want to create a related document in DMS and throw me 500
15346 – Footnote/endnote – copying the style to the resulting document
15356 – Template editor – error when importing Word – incorrectly recognized mime type
15366 – Renderer – vykrizkovani from save and download will break all dropdowns


13531 – Multichoices in the document editor are not highlight color
13565 – Can’t see the full name in Document Selector
14100 – Renderer – Long select race
14765 – Click button size change after clicking
14243 – Dashboard – DRP – Single Date
14733 – Dashboard – Recent documents – elements overlap
15227 – Editor – the ruler does not work on the Title
15019 – Template Editor – Buttons – system name does not change and they are not in Suggestions
15091 – The standard user (I don’t have the right to “can create templates”, I’m not an admin) only saw my favorite settings. Another standard user must not see this setting (but admin can).
15213 – Dashboard – Customize Dashboard – Templates – The user will see in the selection only the folders to which he has access according to the set rights. Just like Countries.
14730 – A user without Track changes rights will not see the Track changes option in the top or sidebar.


15109 – Template Editor – Opening through the eyelet breaks the template
15159 – Import from sheet – edit favorite settings
15173 – Dashboard – New Template – Missing selection to save to folder
15175 – Unable to save changes to table + save breaks table + cannot change cell color
15059 – If I merge two cells from different columns, it is not possible to set the alignment in the second column.


14523 – The date in the Form does not display correctly, it is truncated
15088 – The settings of the “design” tab must be written in all rows / columns of the table
15118 – Editor – set transparent background text element
15146 – Text element formatting ignored in document editor
15197 – Row coll span – Migration error


Merge Attachment to PDF

14641 – View Advanced Layout Designs when downloading documents
15116 – Editor – changing the font size does not work
14872 – Export to Word in Dark mode
15035 – Editor – the eye of the clauses is not fixed
15105 – Settings – Templates & Docs Grouping – Unable to delete “Categories” folder
15122 – condition “overview” only for admins
15123 – Creating an external record document via the API does not work / it is not possible to save the document via an external guess communication
15137 – Import from sheet – uploading a file takes a very long time


We add Workflow to the Object Records
Filter by Document Record Type and Template Suits
PHP library upgrade

14953 – If I have a table in the clause that is conditional (the condition is on the clause), the table will not appear at all in the document editor if the conditions are turned off.
14637 – Editor – elements in the table have indents
14735 – Template editor – Table – broken Undo on Unmerge cells
14767 – Webdings font does not display correctly – readable text is displayed instead of symbols
14772 – Your Colors – Colors are not displayed as soon as they are created
15010 – Editor – UNDO duplikuje Clauses a Question
15014 – Template Editor – default sorting of Options
15053  Document editor – Compare – Comments overlap the document
15063 – Editor – Edit Bulk actions to Bulk Actions
15034 – Unable to activate Document Anonymization
14941 – “Question” overlaps “Title” which cannot then be edited
15025 – The resulting document – zero is not overwritten
15039 – Create new import in Import from Legito does not work on all elements.
15041 – Template editor – Translation – moving between translations does not work
15052 – The resulting document – Footnote / Endnote – no space is applied
15055 – Deleting an Advanced style from a clause, then refreshing the page and re-adding the Advanced style to the same clause does not save the Advanced style in the Template Editor.
15086 – API – Push Connection cannot be edited
15078 – If I select a table cell and want to change its color, it will change to another cell.
15083 – Data in the second language of the bilingual document is not exported



14781 – Dashboard – error when searching in Ready for signature
14016 – DMS – button “Show Deleted Messages” does not work
14285 – Editor – Undo and Redo ugly dropdowns when writing lyrics
14543 – The resulting document – Defaul Legito Styles – does not apply Body / Level
14639 – Import form Sheet – Favorite setting have a blank line
14938 – Template editor – Numbering – cannot be turned on
15036 – Setting – footer – color scheme
14076 – Objects – Delete option for users with View rights
14508 – Template Editor – Warning / Calculation – display of deleted element
14770 – Unlimited number of characters in numbering.
15015 – Template Editor: Please rename Mass actions to Bulk Actions
15016 – Categories (Agreement Group) have the wrong text string
15018 – Template Editor – Enter makes a new paragraph without a Text element.



14919 – PUT/POST document-record
14986 – Object – Properties – Cannot “Edit” throws 500
14989 – The “Starts With” condition is in the 2x editor
14988 – Editor – The top article or question in the header cannot be edited
14602 – After inserting the condition on the title, the tooltip changes.
14664 – The resulting document – Footnote / Endnote – elements are not copied
14766 – Sizing cannot read decimal numbers when editing styles
14818 – Document editor – Import from Legito – Only for Me does not work
14839 – If I have a lot of templates, the list for “Choose document record” is not complete – it ends at the end of the template. It is not possible to map the latest templates.



14164 – Editor – scattered texts in search at Repeat
14827 – API – POST a PUT /share/external-link/{{code}}
14367 – If I insert table (2) into a cell in table (1), table (2) duplicates in the exported document.
14603 – Editor – Question does not indicate that it has a condition.
14834 – Warnings – is equal/not equal/exact
14841 – Moving Question to the slot / header throws an error and does not move there.
14913 – I create an object, a properties item is automatically created for me, but it cannot be edited when I delete the object itself.
14948 – Non creator user cannot edit their own favorite settings
14970 – Editor – conditions for questions from other documents within one template suite do not work



14814 – Document editor – Import from sheet – presetting does not work
14582 – Delete department permissions when sharing a document
14701 – Settings – Agreement templates – Add new – broken visual
14777 – If I have a table in the clause that is conditional (the condition is on the clause), the table will not appear at all in the document editor if the conditions are turned off.
14904 – add to search for square [] and parentheses () in templates
14945 – Importing a document with a select does not work


Keyboard shortcuts in the editor
Template Editor – bulk actions – delete option
Extension of Select and Question options
Ability to use favorite filters in Grid and Kanban dashboard widgets

14426 – Editor – Suggestions does not display the question name when Question
14596 – Search for a condition / repeat on a table column
14810 – Template editor – Link – Not set conditional link
14822 – Template Editor – Find – Search button next to Conditions
14836 – Editor – break down Collapse all clauses
14807 – Dashboard – Create New Dashboard – Automatic Default
14912 – Editor – error when clicking on an element
14905 – User search does not work when sharing a document record
14893 – Select being renamed when options changed


Workflow – automatic launch of approvals using triggers

14707: Editor – moved End / Foot notes window
14808: Dashboard – Manual upload of new file versions
14457: Editor – Added date to table has no properties
14764: Dashboard – Drop Area – Sign Document
14459: Editor – name is not overwritten
14720: Missing animation when searching in manage documents
14763: DMS – Create new doc record – Share – delete user = 500
14760: People – The new user group will appear after the refreshy
14737: Template editor – Import Automated Template – Blank lines will not appear in the list.
14736: Required state: It will be possible to set the text alignment on the table columns.
14729: User search does not work when sharing a document record
14652: Editor – Old documents – Legito Original has default line spacing
14728: Required status: Questions (new and old) can be moved to any level, it will be possible to build them separately (except Article).
14761: When I set the user group in share manage documents and in Renderer and then delete it, error 500.
14747: Notifications for an Approver Group – This is a common use case to have a group of users set as an approver. That makes management of approvals a bit easier to add/remove users you just do it in the group.


14567 – Warning – Restrictions for unfulfilled warnings do not work according to the settings from the Template Editor.
14709 – DMS – create and add another
14734 – Dashboard – Drop area for signing Widget – Adobe Sign is missing
14671 – Dashboard – Filter + New template – add a selection of where I want to save the template
14611 – Template Editor – Translation – Language search
14631 – Dashboard – Group filter (Template categories)
14661 . Create Document Record – Share – it is not possible to set the permission level
14698 – Template editor – Find – results do not reflect selected filters
14711 – API V5 – PUT/document-record
14739 – Dashboard – Customize Dashboard – Add Row


Management – New filters
Counter widget for Dashboard

14414 : Template editor – Legito Styles – level change / numbering does not take effect
14599: Object Record – Server Error 500 – If I have created the Multiple User Group property and I want to create a new Object Record, Server Error 500 throws me after save
14616 : Object Record – create new record – add another date – Server error 500
14488 : Batch generation – the reset button does nothing – nothing clicks at all after clicking on it → clicking on reset should bring up the ability to insert the file again
14617 : Broken “Delete” button when entering special characters
14618: The special characters “%” and “^” do not appear in dropdowns


14581 : Displaying designs when downloading a document – checkbox / no advanced layout design
14570 : Error 400 in the template editor
14510 : Dashboard – Customize Dashboard Button – The user (not admin) has an accessible “Customize dashboard” button on the dashboard, which only refreshes the page.
14436 : Import frome Sheet – you cannot create more than one Favorit settings
14309 : If I have Help on the question, it is not displayed in a translated form, but in the original (default) version.
14244 : bug – If I want to enter more than two Start Value digits, I am not allowed to do so.
14630 : Fourth and fifth contracting parties – pre-filling does not work when setting up the sign process.
14511 : Document editor – Full Width Element Money – If the money element is in the Full width format, then there is no “In words” option in the Document Editor. Subsequently, however, it is written in the downloaded document “In words”
14509 : Renderer -> Two-digit numbers do not display correctly in the renderer on the Date element.


14514 : If the link element has a web link set, the link text cannot be edited. When you start editing it, it disappears when you click on the edit element and returns to its original form.
14512 : incorrect behavior – the “Edit” button only works once (the required Template Suite is not opened). If the page refreshnu – again it works only the first time.
14421 : Moving elements in paragraph in Template Editor
14303 : Template editor – Question – Start from Scratch
14533 : Add col and row count to the tables when loading
14529 : You cannot search document records for information in objects that have been imported through the API
14463 : When Editing the Dashboard, the selected Countries and Agreement Groups are not saved for Templates during repeated Edits. The selected countries display correctly.
14460 : Approval Email Subject Line Issue
13987 : If I create a condition for language and give puhlish, it throws an error. When I save and then Publish, there is no error.


14512 – Dashboard – the edit button only works for the first time
13987 – If I create a condition for language and give puhlish, it throws an error. When I save and then Publish, there is no error.
14460 – Approval Email Subject Line Issue
14463 – Dashboard – do not save changes to the Template Widget
14529 – You cannot search document records for information in objects that have been imported through the API.
14533 – Add col and row count to the tables when loading.


14468 – Table – column width setting is broken
14369 – Help – the new scrollbar only works on clauses
14464 – Dashboard – it is not possible to create a Template widget cannot be created in Template Suite
14476 – Editor – Special Indentation + numbering – element overlay. If I have less special indentation and longer numbering, then numbering overlaps elements in clauses.


14266 – After removing the numbering and then clicking on Undo, the numbering will not be restored to the previous state – see the short video and picture. In addition, it is necessary to click twice on UNDO, for the first time nothing will happen.
14428 – If I turn off the Document Menu Bar, the document will open, but will make any changes and will never happen.
14341 – Table – column width settings
14358 – Email Setting for Overall Approval Rejected won’t save


Advanced Style tag in header / socket
Repeat the table header on the new page
The first row of the table (column names) will be repeated (as in Word) at the beginning of the new page.


14267 – Document editor – Table – Legito style not overwritten. In the Document Editor, complete formatting from the set Legito style is not transferred to the elements in the table. Specifically, it is about formatting: Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike.
14301 – Document Editor – Help – Show more does not work
14323 – A document created from a template with Auto-sharing set does not display information about the creation and sharing of the document in the Timeline.
14362 – Batch does not work on the US server – generation hangs and documents are never generated.


13949 – Template editor – Select – add an option to an empty option.
14148 – Deleting the contents of Textinputs in the table and repeats in repeats.
14256 – Drop down to select a style for clauses.
14271 – Ruler – overlapping green arrows.
14282 – Template editor – Warning – settings definition is missing
14005 – Text formatting is not displayed in the No export clause in the Document Editor.
14284 – Add missing libraries to Adobe Sign


14218 – The link to the Textinput element (unfilled, ie empty) is not copied to the resulting doc. Occurs when conditions are on and off (apply conditions / no conditions)
14240 – Clicking delete multilevel or numbering in the numbering settings throws an error.
14255 – If I want to import a Legito template into Legita, I don’t see a dropdown with a selection of templates


Ruler for template editor
integration for Adobe Sign
Workflow – chained bubbling of triggers
External sharing – Ability to download documents from Template links 

13720 – Renamed ,, Bilingual Hide,, at Clauses 
14173 – Error in manege workspace 
14181 – Dropdowns for conditions not properly visible
14246 – Editor – dropdown at Design cannnot be closed
14074 – Template editor – Link – system name is not overwritten
14168 – Bad scrolling from footnote / endnote to elements does not work in translation.
14177 – Broken link to Templates
14180 – Text elements should not have the same padding as input elements in forms
14210 – Editor – clauses cannot be added before endnote
14226 – Workflow – total value triggers do not work properly 


Numbering – import

13977 – You cannot publish edits to a new document that was created by importing another Legito document
14107 – Numbering – badly checked checkboxes
14111 – The import does not assign default styles but Legito original
14192 – Dashboard – Objects record grid
14135 – Template editor – Legito original – Article Bold


Extension of notifications

14156 – If I create a date property for a record, set it and then want to edit, the date property will break and a meaningless date will be set.
13981 – Workflow – creating another arrow throws an error
14077 – Objects – Create and add another
14113 – When I click on Find in template -> Condition, I get an error and the possibility of finding the condition in the document disappears.


Counter property for Records

13957 – Disappearing numbering in the Template Editor
14089 – Non-functional conditions in the template
14095 – Numbering – bad display of style for individual numbering levels
14133 – An empty Clause will work (options for inserting elements, turning on numbering / mesh).
14145 – Editor – Unable to add End / Footnotes


Fullwidth element settings
Outline for Document Editor
Slow mod acceleration
Triggery for Workflow
New Customizable Dashboard

13859 – Numbering – addition of “Restart list after” for multilevel lists
13947 – Required state: The element from the first cell can be easily moved within the table and the entire template editor.
14075 – Select/cancel all – After clicking on Select / cancel all, the “Manage Records” checkbox will be displayed.
14079 – When I create a new multilevel list in numbering and I want to tick off individual levels, the change will take effect but visually the checkbox remains the same and the user has to click on it again.
14085 – They do not work in the 2 dropdown editor in the design tab. A to Indentation & Spacing and Word & PDF export. They do not work on both clauses and tables.
14096 – Correct / add text to download database without Advanced design
14099 – Unable to save template changes to US server
14134 – Editor: Elements are not separated in the table
13901 – Numbering – incorrect numbering display when removing a period before a number / letter.
13862 – Required status: The conditions will be editable (delete, add, edit) and select will always be displayed for the given row.
13434 – Warnings do not appear in the bilingual.


13725 – If I try to manually overwrite the value in Hanging and First line in the editor, then my value will be overwritten to 50 and the paragraph I was editing will be moved out of the document.
13793 – If the default textinput is in a different template than the repeated element / clause, then repeat does not work (repeat works if it is within one template)
13820 – Incorrect behavior when transitions between Workflow steps.
13944 – If the imported select contains more than 10 options, the options are not imported in the correct order – in our case alphabetically.
13954 – Template editor – System names – Publish does not work.
14071 – Editor – Tables, elements within one cell are not rowed.
14011 – Paragraph Indentation not displayed in the document editor
13923 – The chat does not appear in the document editor after saving the first draft of the document from the template.


13631 – If I create a new table and then click UNDO, a new row is added to the table instead of deleting it. The second time I click on UNDO, the added rows will be deleted. The third click on UNDO will delete the table.
13871 – Unlock text function in properties – the unlock variant that is set is not displayed.
13980 – Manually creating a Workspac adds events to another Workspac.
13990 – When using the replace per link function, all replace lines behave as one.
13178 – An attempt to create a Document Record Type with a name contained in the database throws 500.
13858 – Suggestions & Recent created cannot be dragged to the image. No condition or repeat is applied after dragging. The image is not even green, as is the case with other elements.
13950 – After setting the condition “is on the X page” in Header / Footer and then clicking, the condition is overwritten and does not work.
13992 – Add CORS headers to API requests.


13922 – WOPI check the latest revision
13913 – If I import an article with a table, it throws an error and is not imported. The editor will decide.
13941 – Objects – cannot hide rights
13759 – QUESTION – Select First Option
13768 – Editor – Tables – broken Line Spacing
13817 – Workflow editor – bugs in working with arrows
13887 – EDITOR – (NO) returns the element to the left menu
13897 – EDITOR – Copy & Delete behavior in the Objects link
13925 – Disabled Menu Bar at template suite, causes Legito renderer to malfunction
13371 – Template editor – Undo / Redo breaks moving paragraphs
13669 – Line Spacing has no effect in the renderer, whether the text is normal or in a table.
13684 – DMS – The Create Document Record button does not work reliably. Occasionally, it throws a Server Error
13727 – After adding a comment, the lower Save button will scroll down. After deleting the comment, Save returns to its original position.
13852 – If I uncheck the automatic System Name generation next to the Date element, a meeting is generated.
13883 – Repeat suggestions are missing the ‘r’ in the word ‘according’
13894 – Repeat does not work in the following document if a paragraph with a button that repeats is conditioned.
13905 – If I create a link to something that automatically generates a system name and this SN has been changed, then double suggestions are created.


13829 – The link does not export data from text inputs that have “No export” set
13674 – If the repeat button is conditional, then the repeat in the following document does not work
13773 – The table indent set at the clause level in which the table is located does not work.
13867 – The split text function in the table deletes part of the text
13870 – Incorrect deletion of columns in the table. The undo button does not return the correct column.
13276 – The styles in the tables do not appear in the renderer, but in the editor and in the generated document.
13191 – Legito Styles in tables do not appear in the renderer.
13783 – Document editor – Date is before / after does not work.
13785 – Disappearing elements from the left menu
13798 – In a document where tables with merged tables, extra columns are added.
13842 – Renderer – Bad subparagraph numbering


13625 – Repeat parts of the table that are merge are poorly displayed and generated.
13524 – Possibility to delete repeat in the repeat of the following document.
13767 – Editor – error with empty clauses
13446 – Document editor – Textinput is not written to the resulting document in its entirety.
13706 – Dragging Suggestions does not work
13757 – Template editor – automatic system name generation
13770 – Merge cells do not work on larger tables
13799 – Editor – the link is poorly displayed and has bad suggestions
13804 – When deleting a template suite, remove the bindings from all attached properties.
13683 – Link to object – deletes data from the user’s point of view (when the user clicks on it again)


13307 – UNDO does not work for texts in Text Input
13308 – Error inserting the same element a second time
13640 – The button in the editor splits at the end of the line
13682 – Clicking Edit in the second column of the merged row table freezes the editor
12262 – Wrong placement of the tooltip for the elements at the beginning of the line
13744 – Word – Tables – Non-functional Spacing
13655 – Downloaded document – Table – The table is in the wrong format
13705 – The link stays marked after filling in and has bad suggestions
13711 – Question – Overrides system name in suggestion paths
13717 – Template editor – Question – Can not insert over artickle
13721 – EDITOR- TABLES, resizing the font will scatter the table 
13750 – Shifted text for table rows
13723 – Template editor – Import automatically publishes the template


13547 – Warnings do not work for Question, Select and Money
13627 – Approval List in the Document Control Panel settings
13629 – The table in the editor extends beyond the document
13507 – Document editor – Side-menu – reverse scrolling on Warnings does not work
13513 – Import articles into the template editor – leaves in the Choose menu
13584 – Template Editor – duplicating suggestions
13656 – For bulk generation and table import, advanced settings are missing
13382 – Creating a link through Question on documents
13555 – Spacing Before / After and Line Spacing set on a table row / column does not work.
13586 – Template Editor – Recent condition shows bad conditions
13615 – Unable to add row / column to table


13570 – DMS – display of all documents after a change in sorting
12758 – If I have a text element in which I want to insert other text by overwriting it (ie I mark the old and insert the new), the inserted text will not overwrite the old text, but will be added to it.
13175 – The long name of the Button breaks the document
13596 – The help URL does not work in the renderer – If I create a link in the help, it is not interactive in the renderer.
13553 – Template editor – table – vertical alignment of cells in the table


13538 – The eyelet on the optional article does not work properly
12765 – You cannot insert text into the Title via Paste – It is not possible to insert text into the Title via Paste from the context menu. It goes through ctrl + V.
12937 – Searching for repeats / conditions on tables does not work
13505 – External sharing – send email sends a broken link
13576 – The condition on the Switcher does not work – If I create a condition on the switcher, the text and elements will not be displayed at all.
13587 – Template editor – disappearing changes in Smart loading
13588 – Adding an Own Claus does not work
13606 – Import from Sheet does not work
13550 – Template editor – Question – cannot be moved 


12580 – Unable to delete overdrawn or saved HELP
13488 – Parts of a document that contain conditions are not generated on the Marketplace
13574 – The condition cannot be deleted in the table. – It is not removed even when deleting the question to which it is linked.


12866 – When inserting a number into a column width, the value and “cm” overlap
13521 – The ability to change table column borders does not work
13529 – Multichoice Select – separators in Word
13544 – It will not be necessary to enter the minimum value in the “min” field, even if the user has already clicked in the field once.
13501 – After deleting preset it will stay choosed as default
13502 – Guided tour missing step “My Account”
13514 – Conditions does not display the template correctly in the path.
13516 – Tables – do not stick to the design
13519 – Numbering does not work on the marketplace
13527 – Generation into Word – texts with multichoice condition
13536 – Link to select does not work
13561 – Template Editor – Clean fix bug in saving Question
13564 – Warningy deleting a comma
13398 – Document editor – Merge it doesn’t work


Document Editor v2
Multi Select
Warning extensions – Mandatory fields in patterns (documents)

13487 – Broken import of articles into the template editor – Unable to import item into template. If I specify the option to import an item, I select a set of patterns, a document and a specific item, I choose import, the item is not imported.
13459 – Filtering in Objects does not work
13484 – The eyelet and open new tab do not work with older versions
13500 – Changes from the Design panel after publishing / saving and refreshing, for new and existing tables, will not be saved on the table row.
13506 – Document editor – Side-menu – edibtable fields only does not work
13517 – The new numbering does not appear in bilingual documents.
13518 – Template Editor – Hotfix bug in saving Question


Search in slow mode

13368 –  Expiration Date – set to the current date. – If the expiration date is not filled in, it will not be displayed for any user.
13437 – Batch generation does not reflect conditions.
13384 – Template Editor – Table boarders cannot be changed.
13463 – Broken tables in an article.
13372 – Bad Suggestions at Link.


13164 – Indentation in the template editor – tables – If I add a table to the clause that contains the elements and add columns to the table, the whole clause will overflow. It only happens if I indent the document and then add a table. If the table already existed before indentation, that’s fine.
13330Fulltext search for the Switcher element. – The fulltext search for Switchers does not work properly. If I search for a text, it will find it for me, but it will not mark this element in color as with others.
13351 UNDO does not work when formatting a table. – If I color cells in a table, I click UNDO and delete the entire row of the table instead of deleting the UNDO color.
13355Template editor – Import automatically publishes a template. – Solution: After import, only the template is saved.
13376Endnotes and footnotes can also be created during translation. – When translating a document in an editor, it is also possible to create an endnote and a footnote that should not work.
13397 – Dropdown in the table bounces.
12479 – Adding a title above another title creates a rozity title.
13312 – Editor – deleting the Hanging or Firstline value did nothing. – If I delete the hanging or firstline value and the shelf remains blank, it will not behave as zero. Refresh or reopen returns the deleted value.


12891 – Table – Visibility Subscriptions on Radcich / Columns.
13173 – Clauses don’t add to first place.
13309 – Bunny focus at the article.
13334 – Error setting notifications via API.
13324 – Undo breaks elements setting options.
13332 – Template Editor – Versions – History is not chronological.
13333 – Template Editor – Hanging + First Line Offset.
13363 – Do Hanging and First Line go to write negative numbers.
13296 – Dragging the text element from the table.
13250 – Template Editor – Select All doesn’t work. – The “Select all” option does not work in the Context menu for clauses. Nothing happens when clicked.
13165 – Template Editor – Broken Undo to add elements in the newly created table.
13297 – Wrap text in template editor after words .
12898 – FootNotes and Endnotes text in the table do not generate to Word.



11969 – Elements in the editor are not at the same level.
13043 – Title does not respect size set in Word.
13244 – Table styles do not get imported into Word.
13268 – Add to logic Creating Advance Style ID slashes and brackets.
13316 – Save already existing system names.
13323 – In the Template editor, delete articles (articly, paragraphy etc), including Question with the Delete button.



Download – Combine all PDFs into one file
The goal is to enable all the documents in the modal download (that goes to download as PDF) as one PDF files – ie mergnout all PDFs in the order they are listed in the modal download.

13208 – The Numbers Only features in Textinput will not be detected.
13263 – API v4 – POST/document-record
13273 – Switcher design is broken.
13222 – POST /push-connection error 500
13221 – Opatively creating user via APIs Do not change its parameters.




12872 – It does not mark the text in the bilingual display.
13204 – Template Editor – HELP – non-functional alignment.
13284 – It’s not loading documents – it will take it when the editor loading.



13068 – Styles and Advanced Styles for rows, columns and tables are not saved. – If you assign a style or advanced style table, after saving and Refresh will lose, the fall does not appear in the Renderer and does not generate to the Word.
13086Hanging U Legito Original Style doesn’t work.
13129 – Broken Cleaning at House Style
13265 – Switcher and Button’s Breaking CLAUSES S Auto Gen Sys Name.
13064 – Fixout Undo / Redo for subparagrafs and destruction.
13122 – Errors in API or its documentation detected when the GET Request test is automatically tested.
13157 – Template editor – Context menu – Replace
13226 – When you set Repeat Textinputu to Textinput itself, it suits 500



12511 – DocuSign – design overlaps arrow and button
12792 – Unification of Endnotes according to Word – renderer
12907 – Help u Tables in Renderer
13130 – Footnotes are badly generated in Word at the end of the article
13136 – The article representation is transferred to the table after republishing
13143 – Plain image
13176 – Disappearance of languages
13187 – Restore default language specific setting does not work
13179 – Link display of broken in latest build of existing links
13198 – The editor does not display the path set for the LINK element
13215 – Inserting Claus into the markup using Insert new does not work
12906 – In the translation, it is impossible to click on Edit Whole Table
13123 – The table cannot be placed to the right (in Word)
13118 – Context menu – add new item including paragraph
13116 – Document Editor – Help – incorrect display
13141 – Edit table conditions row column error
13171 – Long URL lines in the renderer
13186 – The GET / event endpoint API returns bad results
13090 – Document Editor – Date in the table / bilingual automatically cancels the In Words setting
13146 – The load wheel rotates and rotates for Batch, Import, and Add Advanced style
13152 – The button can be set to a negative number of max. and min. repetition
13076 – Document editor – Track changes – hidden paragraphs bounce



FlowSign Integrace
Legito to send to Certsign:
1. PDF contract
2. Placeholder for each signature
3. Names of the signatories
4. Email addresses for the signatories
5. Flow of the signers


13071 – Document Editor – Help – incorrect display
13105 – Drag and drop repeats from Conditions & Repeats do not focus on elements
13144 – The pop-up above the inputs is displayed bad 
12890 – Table – the layout of the table containing the link
13125 – Template Editor – the pencil renames only the first template in the template suite
13134 – Year-in-date link doesn’t work




12980Localization – multiplication of the value in the Money element – Incorrect behavior: The value entered in the Money element in the Document Editor is multiplied by 100 after each editing of the element (change of currency, click in the field “amount”, “In Words”, modification with “words”).
13045Template editor – Undo – Paragraph Undo / Redo breaks the look Article – The Undo and Redo buttons will not break the structure of the elements in the template editor.
13046Template editor – Undo – adding a button element adds 2 actions – Incorrect behavior: Inserting a button element into the template adds 2 actions (“element moved” and “New item registered: [object Object]”), so to remove the inserted button element it is necessary to double-click on Undo.
13082There is no original bold in the renderer in the unnumbered article
13131– Bug – The top list when editing the entire table is empty.
13055Template Editor – Warning – Delete warning button does not work. – Required status: After deleting the warning in the translation, it will be possible to save / publish the template.
13078 – Elements in the renderer (inside and outside the table) do not respect the font color. In addition, select and date in the table do not respect the background color.
13026 – Timeline – the event is written twice
13035 – Template Editor – Translation – Help – Required state: Once the creator edits a field (help, element), this field is not overwritten during further editing.
13104 – Dragging recently created repeats does not work.



Repeated containers
The primary motivation for this function is to be able to repeat the elements in the correct order within one paragraph (clause).
Magic – the user will not see at all that somewhere in the background there are containers that “cleverly” wrap the individual elements according to how these elements are repeated. They don’t have to think about anything, introduce something to the template that they are not used to, and Legito will think for them.


11989 – Attachments – visual bugs
12616 – Fill in the article numbers when “collapse all” the editor settings.
12897 – Template Editor – The top menu overlaps the find / select template.
12626 – Title does not respect the set size in the Document Editor.
13061 – Broken article insertion
13044 – In Bold there are only Articly, everything else Bold should not be.
13028 – After approval of the document and its transition from open to locked status, the document is still read and the user can edit it – incorrect behavior.
12967 – Document Editor – Select with tag and nothing choose cannot be saved.
12949 – Template Editor – Conditions – the last condition is not copied.
12930 – The full width of the Switcher is not reflected in the template editor.
11164 – Unimplemented comparator 0




12301Undo / Redo cannot be applied to the newly added Subparagraph, Point and Item.
12756 – Bilingual – added a line to the beginning and end of the document. – The generated bilingual document will not have additional lines that are not set in the editor.
12877 – Document editor – image – incorrect format alert. – Unify the behavior of the element with the behavior in the template editor – the element itself has the formats allowed in the text and after inserting the wrong format it will highlight the information about the formats and the upload will not take place.
12957Export to CSV throws 500
12302 – The textinput in the table referenced by the repeated block does not change in the counter.
12901 – Template Editor – Find – It’s on the first / odd / even page cannot be searched.


Electronic signatures – Possibility to choose the order of signers
Merge cells in the table

12332 – The UNDO of the newly added element from the toolbox does not work in the table.
12732 – UNDO – the returned element cannot be edited. – After returning an element using the undo function to the template, the element will contain a bar with editing options.
12820POST document-version/data cause error on numbers only textinput.
12823 – Tables – format / cell editing does not take effect.
12880 – The listType = tree option for the GET document-version data endpoint does not work.
12928 – Multilevel numbering in tables does not work.
12932 – In translations, a specific image can be uploaded to an unfilled image element. The translation can also be published. However, the image disappears when the translation is reopened.
12934 – Cannot download documents that have a hyphen in the code via the API.
12955Poor display of tables for bilingual documents and bilingual hide.
12879 – Creating or editing properties – items in the Property Group dropdown are not displayed correctly.
12917 – Template Editor – Multiple choice – message about conditional items. – If I select more elements (left click + Ctrl) a message is displayed with the information that some “items” are conditional, even though none of the elements is conditional.
12918When Sharing a document to a group of users, the entire timeline is deleted.
12924 – Template Editor – Translation – inserting elements into the translation. – If I click in the template edita into the translations using the top menu, it is possible to insert elements into the translation – incorrect behavior.
12505The format of suggestions on Links is not correct for Date, Money and Select. – Some suggestions on Links are not written correctly, instead of “Link to (generic element name) …” there is “Link to (system element name) …” for Date, Money and Select … “
12761Button – removing the maximum number of repetitions will break the repeat on the button.


12483 – The Restart Style Inheritance button does not work correctly on Tables. – The button that restarts style inheritance (crossed out T) does not work properly on Tables; only the font size and font return to their original state, the rest remains unchanged.
12811 – Unable to download attached attachments. – After attaching the file to the attachment, the file cannot be downloaded via the download button – Server Error will pop up.
12281Split / Insert new adds an extra TextField.
12845When linked properties with objects, it is not possible to open a document record (it throws 500).
12783Permissions after adding a user through Manage Workspaces.
12653External Sharing – Share Templates Externally – Save and Download does not work.
12640Bug display conditional table. – If I have set the conditions for rows in the table, then they will break in the renderer. The meaning of the condition: if there are the same zeros in these elements, hide the whole lines.


12699 – Add the ability to download files in chunks.
12590 – Linking Objects and Templates (Clause Library use case)
12624 – Log in page and b2b registration data-cy refactoring

12528 – Change “Automatic Full Stop” to “Automatic Period” in the editor.
12582 – Multi select selectboxes only go from below. – Solution: With multi select, the click selectbox will not open.
12639 – The style on the paragraph will not overwrite the manually set style on the table row / column.
12670 – Translate modal deletes Articly – If I have a new document that does not yet have a translation, I will make changes to it and click on Add language, while clicking on English US (already existing version, so I do not create any translation), the changes made in the document will be deleted, even if I remain within one.
12683Unable to delete default corporate style.
12694Collaboration – self-approval of drafting requirements. – Rejected requests will not be reflected in other displayed requests.
12720If I add this text in the Split clause and change the whole clause design, the design is applied only to the first part of the split text.
12725Title has the wrong ability to add own clauses. – Template editor => Title => Properties => It is possible to add the Own Clause option.
12729 Find in Template: Tag + Phrase match does not work. – The Tag + Phrase match combination will search for elements that contain a tag with the search term.
12760Unification of Endnotes according to Word.
12737 – External sharing does not work. – The solution is to create a migration that turns on external law support for external users (agreement_view_law_all = 1) and sets it when creating new workspaces.
12774If the Object name contains%, I get 500
12780 – Workflow – Approve and Reject buttons do not work after saving changes in the document. – During the approval process (the approver sees the Approve and Reject buttons active), the buttons are inactive (ok) after the change in the template, they remain inactive after saving the document, they are reactivated only after the document is refreshed.
12496 – Undo does not work on Title. – Undo does not work on Title, only on the text inserted into it. Even if I delete all changes via Undo, Title will remain.
12620 – Document Record Properties – disappearing value / text in Summary / Value. – Required status: The value that the user clicks on the pipe will be overwritten.
12744 – Recently created – the reset button does not work. – After agreement, we will rename the button only to “Reset suggestions”.



11808 – Refactor user permission API for WF editor

12521 – The translation overwrites the primary language.
12602 – Bilingual switchers in the renderer should behave like a Button.
12646 – Endnotes and Footnotes – generation to Word. – Both endnotes and footnotes are not generated as indexes, but as numbers and letters.
12678Indentation on rows / columns / cells of a table is not reflected in Word.
12679 – Searching for documents by ID in smart import does not work.
12681 – Bugs for URL links – backend.





11576Check MIME type when loading Word. – When dropping a file into the import mod, check the MIME type to see if it is a word. You can find it here Ctrl + F on “doc”.
12618Increase the capacity to save images in the editor. – 100Mb
12638 – Guided Tour – missing pop-up – Default / Favorite Settings .
12658 – Bugs to URL links.
12668 – Workpaces that do not have an expiration date do not work.
12672 – The SecondPartyName / Definiton property has stopped working. –
It also disappeared with all existing document records. Only FirstPartyName is overwritten.
12652 – Navigation settings. – If the workspace contains at least one object, the navigation tab does not work in the settings.
12619 – Disappearing select name in the editor. – After setting the conditions to select, their name disappears from the conditions.





– FootNote will be the property of each element (Boolean) except tables, Questions and Button, not Clauses (paragraphs, etc.)
– one numeric series on the whole template (1 to n) – the ability to set down the footnoty style and other formatting elements (behaves like clause )
– I’m fine with it when in footnote only text (we can do this by the element) but I don’t mind or other elements (hypothetically use the use)
– footnot, despite that it is numbered by the index, it is considered Unnumbered paragraph and numbering this is not possible to turn on (important for styles)
– Note FootNote will be translated when the element disappears to which the footnot is connected (eg condition), the number is renumbered (that is, the final document will have a numeric line without omitting any number)
– Always combination of 1x number at the element (upper index at the end) and 1x the same number to the left of footnoty- can never be 2 times the same number, even if one footnotnotnotnotnote

– Convert custom sheets to Properties files so that the user can choose for each custom sheet which Properties the records of the custom sheet will have
– Customize the page with custom sheets so that it looks the same and has the same functions (except Workflow) as Manage Documents (including filtering, search, export to csv and kanban)
– Create the ability to customize what I want to see in the “columns” before clicking the record and what I want to see after clicking
– Make permissions, which users can see what Custom lists (similar to what we have for the visibility of the Templars), the ideal tag would still be selecting view / edit permissions for each Custom list
– Create a customizable top menu, where the admin of the workspac will be able to select the required items, each custom list will be an item in the top menu and if they do not fit there, there will be a dropdown More
– In order to be able to connect these “entities with Document Records, it is necessary to create a special property” Multichoice – Document Records “
– A recurring request from users (but this also applies to document records) is the bulk filling of data from CSV / Excel (for the more advanced ones via API), so I would leave it on a separate ticket
– The administration part of Custom Lists will be similar to the administration of Document Record Properies


12556 – Dropdowny needs to be repaired without a slider.
12594External Sharing – templates x documents sharing.
12631Single Line text is sent as a multi line via the Push API.
12637 – Creating a push API connection does not work.





Linking templatets and Advanced Layout designs
With improved data extraction through template tags we have done in connection with Properties, it is now possible to use this technology to be able to extract texts from legita in parts of exported documents that are not in Advanced Layout Designs covered by $ Content $.

Switcher will have a label (similar to Button), for which the NAME system is automatically generated in the editor’s template (similar to BUTTON).


12205 – Allow manual activation moznost nejde vypnut ak je uz raz zapnuta v automatic activation (workflow editor). 
12380Add icon for “window” collaboration
12467 – Bugs with bg and highlight colors.
12502Console error after deleting a row or column of a table. – When I click on the pencil icon in the Table cell and then delete a row or column of the Table and click anywhere else, I get an error.
12470 – Bulk alignment removal removes the condition. – If I select Article and Paragraph at the same time and I want to adjust the alignment to the block at the same time, the conditions that are set will disappear.
12503The conditions “Is on first page” “odd / even page” do not work. 
12588Template Editor – spreadsheets – view Word & PDF export. 
12477Hide borders settings template editor is reset after inserting clause. 





12475 – It is not possible to delete assignments link once in the template editor. – I have a template that has a link set => I will try to delete the link via the trash can icon => the link will disappear, but it looks like it has actually been deleted => but I still see the element in the document in the translated state (with the text of the linked systemname instead of red without text)
12494 – Links to clauses break the numbering of generated documents. – The problem is that if the document has a link to the clause, then the generated word document has broken numbering (only the numbering of the higher level 1 is displayed instead of 1.1, etc.).
12523The tables are missing Identation & Spacing dropdown. – When clicking on edit for rows, columns and table cells, the dropdown Identification & Spacing is missing, complete.
12513Problem changing document type in wizard. – If I change the document type via settings, the settings will take effect, but if I do not reshape the page, the type name will remain unchanged.
12454Malfunctioning locale settings.– Settings => Document localization => Language specific
12532Filter documents in dms by multiple statuses from the same workflow. – If I want to filter in dms by multiple statuses from the same workflow at the same time, only documents with the status, which is in the highest position in the filter list, are displayed.
12564API – Problem with values ​​passing at Date.
12484 – Nothing can be added above the Question at the beginning of the document, neither Article nor any other Question.





11266Default lokalizace – Money – decimal places do not work when switching billingual.
12097 – Pretty self-explanatory. Options now inherit fonts, etc. from styles. It is bad. Options (even in Questions) should be spotless styles.
12481 – Immersion clauses break documents.
11659UI bug – in the wizzard, expand the Settings button to the entire width of the card. Extend the “Settings” button to the entire width of the card.
12526 – Extend the “Settings” button to the entire width of the card.




CSV – bad generation.
Design of the Translate tab and the translator switched on.
Broken design own clauses in word according to Legito Styles.
No export area has no comments on the edge of the document.
Clicking on an element in the editor raises a background error.
Paragraph can be added outside the Article, if it is among the Questions.
Calculation – do not overwrite the color of the element in the Document editor.
If I apply different Advanced style styles to one numbered level in Legit 2, the document will not download correctly.


Localization fixes.
Overlay import labels.
Missing help in translator.
B2C- My office- editor exception.
Server error when editing a group for newly created properties.
New import – select for field mapping.
If the mapping selection is displayed at the top of the template, the first system names are not displayed.


“No Export” area in templates.

We will re-restore the “non-printable area”, but only for clauses that will act as Questions (will not be exported) in terms of content will be something like a “Form embedded in a Document”.

Imperfect copying (duplication) of the template.
SecondPartyName – is not copied to Document Records.
Numbering for Advanced style documents is poorly translated.
Bilingual questions have a bottom indent just to the left.
If there is a question in the document, the repeat is broken.
Import from Word into Template Editor – automatic dots (full stop) enabled.
In some cases, the document is downloaded with the wrong House style.
Create workflow without publishing it from editor cause error in document editor.
Missing the ability to check that the user was logged out due to a hard session destroy.


Add Email Instructions to the document list.

Indent Table.
Title in translation disappear.
Copy paste text in Wordu, LibreOffice.
Condition cannot be changed in the table column.
Value – in Dr Neni can write Castle with ten phids.
Filtering Suggestions / Recently in the context menu.
If the Advanced Style is set to a scanning and turning on the screens in a clank in Legit, the document is generated.


Template menu – dot colors
Quick menu – right click
Extension (un) Lock text elements
New version of minimal database
Hints at calculations from other templates in the template suite

New Message notifications go
Help is not saved for translation
User Groups – Cancel does not work
Summary tag – link to conditional text / select
Impossibility to add Question if I only articly without paragraphs
Search for users, groups, and sheets in a property
The Push API also sends documents that should not exist
When generating a document, Legito inserts extra spaces where it does not.


Track Changes
Linking apprals with properties
Top SLOW MODE for enclosing articlu
Mocking VIES request for test enviroment
Add Tooltip for Translate Button in the top menu

Repair Inherit Numbering
Hotfix Homepage Animation
Adjusting the script deployment.
Breaking Styling in Table Purchased Him Menim.
Lokalizace Language specific – Lokalizace Not found
(Not) color color / column columns after marking.
Export to Word does not take autolayout design without flitting.
Hiding article does not show toggles and nevertheless.
Disappearing full lines in Workflow.
Workflow editor – deadline reminder icon does not apply correctly after reload.
Language Specific Localization – Default Preset Money Period / Period that breaks data.


New frontend renderer
Option to Upload Files in Document Editor

Language Specific – Incorrect number of ten locations in the withdrawal document.
Language Specific Localization – Broken Date formats at template versions.


Refactoring Editor.
We are thrilled to announce the release of the next generation Legito Template Editor that will revolutionize document drafting automation.

Word u articu does not respond alignment.
Wizard- settings- legacy boiler templates.


Own Clause – Help in Document Editor.
Date – Condition Is After does not work if day 1 is.
Default Location – Link Day in Date – Zero at the beginning.
External Sharing – Download does not reflect the last command.
User GROUPS – Server Error After adding a duplicate user to the group.
After copying a document via Manage Workspaces do not work repeats over Button.
Legito styles are exported to Word, although already style with the same name also includes Advanced Layout Design.


Enterprise Login Page – Add recovery password.

Remove X-Powered-By.
Hiding the Expiration Date column.
Manually unmodified properties are enabled.
Redirect Pages
Document Record on a separate page is packed and not expanded.
To arrange the Maintenace page was already when you perform a backup.


Lazy loading document detail in DMS.
Remove automatic IP check for debugger.
Change the stored data in elasticsearch and not send the source data.
Ability to dynamically customize the names of exported files using the Template Tag.

Add the ability to override error templates.
Delete document number information.
fix: payments and downloading documents to the marketplace.


Implement a document condition copy.
New property types for Workflow Stage.
Default settings for favorite settings.

Sign with select stops responding after selection.
When copying a template, the header / footer is not copied.
Language specific localization – non-functional Money In words.
Language specific localization – Broken data formats in English UK.
Template editor access rights when cannot drafting templates.
Document records – deleting multiple dates does not work.
Styles – Advanced styles disappear and element formatting. 
Money x TextinputNO – incorrectly generated amounts with decimal numbers. 
Document records – The font in Date is large, the date does not fit in the whole field.


Import docx into the editor.



Text flow in External File Storage.
Document records – Label – label selection overlays the text field.
Reduce popup dimensions dynamically to text width with maxWidth.
German translation missing in create document record window. Mark the text in the code “This field is required.” as a translation.



Small UX bug when creating contracts.
Copy Article – My templates are all displayed.
Track Changes approval by an external user did not work.
Visual error after deleting all presets. After deleting the last preset, which appears in the template suite, the empty space will remain in the settings, which will disappear only after the page is repainted.



Workspace – payment improvements
A) Change in the number of users in the existing subscription – purchase of additional users (now, pro-rate model) – reduction in the number of additional users (from the next billing cycle)

B) Purchase, upgrade, downgrade and cancellation of Legito Professional Services (LPS) – purchase of LPS together with the license (subscription) – purchase separately during the existing license (from the next billing cycle immediately charge a one-time transaction, no pro-rate) – upgrade of the LPS package (from the next billing cycle) – downgrade of the LPS package (from the next billing cycle) – cancellation of the LPS package (from the next billing cycle)

C) Payment Methods – Deleting a Payment Method – Adding a Payment Method – Changing a Default Payment Method


Bilingual – start on a new page inserted a space.
The dot was missing in the image title for approvals.
Legito Biosign is enabled by default for workpacies.
Table – disappearing text color after the second publish.
Translation – translated warning did not appear in the table.
Advanced Layout Style not adding content decorator automatically.
Translation – warning to Money, Calculation cannot be translated.
Malformed UTF-8 v trackchanges.  Invalid characters in UTF-8 initials.
Warningy – non-functional warning numbers only when I enter my own warning.
Errors in the date – the filled in Date cannot be deleted and after clicking it Date will shrink.
Access to the editor even though I do not have the right draft template has been disabled.
When you reorder the states in the Workflow, the document is created in the wrong state.
A document assigned to multiple pattern categories appeared only in the first category.
The color of the Advanced Style was reflected only on the Article (it does not show up at lower levels).



Search – we have set all items checked as default.
Unable to edit document record when creating workspace.
Translations for presets have been completely eliminated.
Changes the style when you turn off numbering for all articles.
Batch generate – did not generate documents if there was a slash in the file name.
Could not edit template suit name. If the template suite name is empty (the user enters an empty name), the default generic name is used.





Track Changes (beta)
Track Changes is a necessity for many of us who routinely work on collaborating on documents or negotiating contracts. Legito’s new Track Changes feature works in a fashion similar to Microsoft Word, and Google docs. Accessible by clicking a tab found in Legitos Document Editor, users may now easily track all changes made to a Legito Document, even those changes made by Guests permissions settings can be adjusted to determine who can activate or deactivate the feature, accept/reject, or even view changes made to a document. Markups for repeated clauses are not included in this beta version, but will be part of the final version.

The approval process was not reset if the document remained in the same state after the unapproved approval process.
Approval Process in the renderer: Confirm and reject buttons were disabled after creating the Approval List.
The names of the texts in the code have been changed and unified.
Extraction to the document record name via the DocumentName tag.
Kanban – adjustments for filtering, counting and changing WS.




Kanban Board
We have added an alternative display to Document Management in the form of a Kanban Board.
Kanban Board allows visualization of document management, states can be changed by moving to a given column.
In the first step, this view is used to display Document Records according to Workflows. Subsequently, Document Records according to any (single / multi choice selects, or multi checkboxes), and then to display anything to which I can assign properties (not document records) according to the above types of properties.
Can view Kanban Board (for user, it will affect whether he can see kanban – if not, then Legito will be displayed as now)


Track Changes – Websocket
It is a track changes service that allows you to toggle document locking and transfer control over it.

Invalid signing with DocuSign.
Default alphanumeric date setting.
Download ACL files. The condition for the file download button was missing.
Legito styles: if the default advanced Style for a style is changed, it is not reflected in any Template. The color setting in the editor did not appear.




Update PHP 7.4.0

small visual bugs – button color, frame size
adding a custom color in settings properties


API properties Value – validacia float – (problem of processing numerical values ​​in js vs in php).
Error – WorkSpace log change – problem saving when changing Workspace log.
Change text in code – A separate footer text was created and separated from other sections where the same word appeared. Result = the word Departments is in the footer, but User Groups is in the People section.
Timeline fix – ago and befor + member
Import: Field mapping – UI is extensive, overlapped on the same line.
Change error 500 to a valid error message.


Push API – Webhooks
Legito’s Push API now enables your application’s web server (webhook listener) to receive instantaneous automated messages containing Document Record details (including Documents and Files) that are triggered by any Document Record Event.
See our Push API KnowledgeBase article to learn more about Push API.

REST API Version 3
We have also updated User Permissions. All user permissions are supported in Version 3 of Legito’s REST API.

New User Permission “Can create Document Record”
There is now a new user permission entitled, “Can create Document Record”, allowing a user to manually create new Document Records. The permission is enabled by default. Users without this permission will not see “Create Document Record” buttons in the Workspace.



Document Record Properties – record, categorize, and summarize key information about your documents to improve your document management  efficiency. Property Groups determine how Properties will be displayed in Document Records.

Enhanced Document Localization – will allow to unify formats of dates, financial and numerical amounts separately for each language used in your Templates.

People – the filter is removed after going to the next page – solved.
If change (decrease) the number in the input to which the repeat and calculation is linked. Get an error. Done.
We solved a small problem with opening and downloading bilingual documents.
Improved timeline recording. Warning in table was to long – fixed.


We fixed a bilingual document builder export.
Fixed an issue where the template suite versions could not be clicked.


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