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Many countries around the world have adopted personal data protection laws to protect an individual’s privacy.  Some require that all electronic data on an individual be deleted upon that person’s request. 

The standard Anonymization feature allows permissioned users to irreversibly delete data from selected Element types.  To be clear, once performed, data cannot be retrieved, and the selected content will be deleted for all users, including Workspace Admins.

Before performing this function, please consider carefully if you will need data from this document in the future.

To perform this permanent deletion, go to the Document Management section of your Smart Document Workspace and:

  1. Open a Document Record
  2. On the bottom of the Document Record, click the Anonymize Button
  3. In the pop-up warning window, select the Element types of that document which should be deleted forever and click, Anonymize Document.


Workspace Admins are able to schedule regular automatic Anonymizations to all Legito Documents after a predefined period. To set up automated anonymizations:

  1. Find the “My Account” dropdown on the left side of the top menu on any main landing page
  2. Choose “Settings”.
  3. Choose “Document Anonymization” under the Templates & Documents category on the left column of the following page.