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Average Function

Last review: March 2024


Calculate an average amount from numbers inserted to Text Inputs in a Document or Bundled Documents.


  1. Create the Template tag Average and attach this tag to all Text Inputs in your Template that should be calculated.
  2. Create the Template tag GetAverageValue and attach this tag to the Text Input in your Template where the sum amount should be inserted.
  3. Insert the below-mentioned script to the Average tag.

Script Example:

const Tags = LEGITO.documentBuilder.getTagsByName("Average");

var finder = LEGITO.documentBuilder.event.createElementFinder();
var averageValues = finder.findElementsByTagsAuto(Tags);

const Results = LEGITO.documentBuilder.getTagsByName("GetAverageValue");
var resultElement = finder.findElementsByTagsAuto(Results)[0];

let valuesArray = []
for(var i in averageValues) {
if(averageValues[i].getValue() !== null) {

let arrAvg = valuesArray.reduce((a,b) => parseInt(a) + parseInt(b), 0);
let res = arrAvg / valuesArray.length;