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Company Register Tags

Popular with our European clients, this feature allows you to connect your automated templates to Legal Entity Registers for most of European Union countries. Once connected, Legito will automatically populate your Legito documents with current company data pulled from these registers.

Company Data from a Company / Legal Entity Register can be extracted to your Documents by applying the following tags to the relevant Textinput Elements in your templates:

  • #CompaniesHouse – United Kingdom
    #vies – EU register of VAT payers
    #ares – Czech Republic
    #krs – Poland
    #orsr – Slovakia

These tags must be applied individually, and always with one of following tags: 

  • #FirstPartyID, 

Using the tags below will ensure that the data is automatically imported to the respectively tagged TextInputs (as listed in the Contact Information Tags article); for example:

#FirstPartyID => #FirstPartyName, #FirstPartyAddress, #FirstPartyDate, #FirstPartyFile, #FirstPartyRepresentative.

Please note that some company registers do not contain all of the information required to populate all of the above-mentioned Tags.