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Country / Region

Last review: March 2024

The Country / Region setting is one of a few ways to organize and group templates and documents in Legito. Every Template Suite is assigned a country/region upon creation. (note that if only a single Country / Region has been assigned to a Workspace (which is the default setting), all templates will be automatically assigned to that Country / Region, and this option will not appear.)

When creating a new Template Suite, provided the Workspace has been assigned more than one Country / Region, the pop-up window will require a Country / Region to be assigned, in addition to a Template Suite Name, and a Language

The option to change the assigned Country / Region is available at any time by editing the current selection on the bottom right corner of the Template Suite settings page, just above the words, “Delete Template Suite .

Clicking the pencil icon will cause a pop-up window to appear, allowing you to select or change the country / region from the list.

Like all template automation settings, the Country/Region setting is accessible only by Workspace Admins, and those users permissioned to create automated templates.

Country / Region Settings may be used to:

  • Search and Filter through templates; or
  • Manage user permissions and access to templates