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Footnotes and Endnotes

Last review: March 2024

It’s possible to insert Footnotes and Endnotes to the most element types in an Automated Template. If the Element with a Footnote or Endnote is not present in the Document, the relevant Footnote and Endnote is automatically removed as well. In either case, the numbering of the rest of Footnotes and Endnotes is updated.

Because Templates and Documents in the Legito user interface do not have pages, Footnotes and Endnotes are displayed at the end of the Template/Document. After their export to Word or PDF, Footnotes are displayed in the footer at the relevant page and Endnotes are displayed at the end of the document.

To insert Footnote and Endnote to an Element, either:

a) use the Context menu (right-click),
b) go to the Properties tab and activate or deactivate the Footnote or Endnote.