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Manage Signatures

After Legito Sign is activated, Workspace Admins and users with permission to “Manage Signings” will have a new item in the top Workspace menu – Manage Signing – where they can view and manage all Legito Sign processes.

Action users can take in this area are:

  • Edit document – If a document is still in the draft stage, users can edit fields in the Legito Sign Editor.
  • Void document – A document can be voided if it is in the “Sent” or “Signing in Process” stage.
  • Delete document – Any document can be deleted. Deleting a document means that its status will be automatically changed to “Voided” if possible. Deleted documents can always be restored from Trash.
  • Update Expiration date – It is possible to change the expiration date at any time before the signing process of a document expires.
  • Search and filter documents – It is possible to filter documents according to several criteria or by searching the document.
  • Download signed documents – Once a document is signed, it can be downloaded.