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Legito Notifications provide alerts based on certain document events. including Expiration, Payment, Delivery, and Signing dates.  Notifications may be received via email or within Legito.  For notifications that are received in Legito, an alert appears in the Notification bell at the top right corner of the main landing pages. To adjust the types of notifications received, as well as when notifications are received, first

  1. Go to the left side of the top menu on any main landing page and find the “My Account” dropdown.
  2. Choose “Settings”.
  3. Choose “Notification Details” from the left Column, under the Personal category.

The Notification Details page is split into two sections. In the top section of the page, it’s possible to choose how many days in advance of a deadline a notification will be sent. Enter any number of days and click the confirm button to save the selection.

The bottom section of the page lists different Events that can trigger a notification. For every Event there are three options:

  • My Documents – receive alerts only for those documents of which you are the owner.
  • My Documents & Shared Documents – receive alerts for documents of which you are the owner, and which have been shared with you.
  • Never – receive any alerts.

Just as it is possible to choose whether alerts will be received in Legito, or via email, it is also possible to have different types of alerts for the same Event. For example, if a file is uploaded to a Document Record, you can choose to receive an alert in Legito only if you are the document owner. However, you can choose not to receive any alerts via email if a file is uploaded to Document Record.

Below is a list of the Events for which you can choose to receive notifications:

  • Change Document Owner
  • Document Sharing
  • Document Sharing Removed
  • Upload File to Document Record
  • File Deleted
  • Add File Link to Document Record
  • File Download
  • Document Download
  • Document Created
  • Document Sent by Email
  • Document Record Updated
  • Document Viewed
  • Create New Document Version
  • Delete Document
  • Document Restored
  • Document Stage Change
  • Batch Generation Finish
  • Expiration Date Update
  • Expiration Date Reminder
  • Due Date Reminder
  • Delivery Date Reminder
  • Signing Date Reminder
  • New Message
  • Complete Document Signing
  • Signature Process Started
  • Signature Process Cancelled
  • External Sharing Activated
  • External Sharing Deactivated
  • Locked Editing
  • Unlocked Editing
  • Confidential
  • Non-Confidential
  • Approval document
  • Rejection document
  • Decision Cancelled
  • Approval Process Started
  • Overall Approval Granted
  • Overall Approval Rejected