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Smart Document Management Overview

Last review: March 2024

Legito Smart Document Management is at the core of Legito. Document Management is powered by, and powers, the Legito’s automated functions in Template Editor and Document Editor, which is why you will find aspects of Document Management in every key area of your Workspace.

However, it is in the Smart Document Management Area where all these features come together to give users the ability to manage, review, and share their documents, as well as track and analyze current processes.

Further below, you will find an overview of Legito’s Document Management Landing page. But first here are three key Document Management features:

Workflows, which ensure that documents are routed correctly and in a timely fashion. The three key Workflow components are:

  • Flows (Transitions in Workflows)
  • Approvals
  • Stages

Document Records, which are at the heart of Legito’s Smart Document Management. A Document Record contains data for both internally generated Legito documents (automatically extracted), or for documents created outside of Legito and either uploaded to Legito or stored externally. Key Document Record features include:

Digital Signature options, which help users save time and cut costs by including the signature process the overall document lifecycle. Legito offers two secure electronic signature solutions:

Document Content Analytics, which provides the insights you need to report on your overall document management, finding trends and bottlenecks so you may better allocate resources and further increase efficiency.

Landing Page Legito’s Document Management landing page gives access to all the important information regarding the documents and templates saved to your Workspace.  It is where users may search and filter through Document Records, view and adjust their progress through Workflows, access Workspace statistics, create new Document Records, as well as share Document Records, Documents, or Templates.

Document Records List  

All documents available to you are listed here:


Extensive filter options let you refine your document list quickly and precisely. Combinations of Filter selections may be saved for faster searching.


It is also possible to take a complete overview of all documents (both Legito Documents created in the Workspace, and External Documents), Template Suites, and templates. The breakdown includes status information such as active or deleted and published or not published. This information can be exported to a CSV file. It is important to note that the total numbers in this overview are not altered by the selected filters.


Legito comes equipped with full-text search functionality, making it possible to search through all Document Records to which one has access. Searches may be filtered to specific categories.

Batch Generation

Batch generated documents can be downloaded in bulk here:

Export Records in CSV

You can export all or only a select number of document records, along with their details, to a CSV file.

Download All

You can download all uploaded files at once.


Deleted Document Records or files can be restored from the trash.