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Workflow Flows

Flows connect Workflow Stages, providing direction to processes. A Flow is automatically created between a new Stage and the Stage from which it was generated, though it is possible to connect either end of a Flow by clicking and dragging that end to the desired Stage, or beginning of a Flow to reshape the process.

Any number of new Flows may be drawn from any Stage or Approval by clicking on the edge of either and dragging away. Flows may be drawn from, or directed to a Stage, but Flows cannot be directed to an Approval.

Clicking on a Flow will:

  • cause two dots to appear, which, solely for optimizing the Workflow visually, make it possible to modify the curve of the Flow by clicking and dragging either of the dots.;

  • change the right menu to allow users to Add an Approval, which are reviewed in detail in the KnowledgeBase article on Approvals, and to delete the Flow from the Canvas.

If drawn from an Approval, provide options to include the flow based on a granted or rejected Approval.