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Workspace Onboarding

Last review: March 2024

Each no code / low code platform is only as good as the ability of its power users to customize it for the use cases of their organizations.

We love our power users, so we built a brand new comprehensive onboarding for Workspace Administrators to help them understand each Legito component in detail.

New Onboarding consists of seven chapters: 

  • Get to know Legito
  • Document Lifecycle Management
  • Document Automation
  • Building Custom Applications
  • Collaboration & Negotiation
  • Digital Signing
  • Measure & Improve Performance


Each chapter is divided into several steps. You can enjoy all the video tutorials, guided tours, courses, references to the resources, and other actions.

To access the new Onboarding, open the My Account dropdown and select Workspace Onboarding. 

Administrators of newly created Workspaces will choose the core use cases for the Workspace. They will also have the Onboarding widget on their Dashboard. This widget only contains components for the use cases selected in the previous step.

Workspace admins can deactivate the Workspace Onboarding for their Workspace.

To deactivate Workspace Onboarding, go to My account => Settings => Onboarding and uncheck Activate Workspace Onboarding.