Case Study Contract Automation for Procurement Department at a Retail Company

Dafiti is one of the largest E-commerce retail companies in South America. The company is known for its extensive selection of both local and international brands, providing customers with a diverse and trendy shopping experience.

First Phase Key Improvements


Drafting Time Saved


Time Saved on Audit Reports


Time Saved in Contract Negotiation


  • One of the largest E-commerce retail companies in South America.
  • Distributor of over 300 fashion brands.
  • Member of the Global Fashion Group.
  • Presence in 4 Countries.

Procurement Department

  • One of Dafiti’s busiest departments with respect to the volume of documents and contracts.
  • Responsible for closing contracts with suppliers and with other key partners/stakeholders.
  • Due to the very high document volume, Dafiti required a system capable of automating and improving its contract drafting, negotiating, approving, and signing processes.
  • Experienced a major challenge in the generation of numerous audit and analysis reports.
I am constantly looking for solutions that really help us improve our internal processes. Without a doubt, Legito has allowed us to optimize processes for creating, negotiating, filing, and following-up on the organization’s contracts.
Ignacio Roggero

Ex-CFO, Dafiti


case-study-dafiti- legito-workspace-document-manager
  • Due to the large size of the company’s business operations, handling over 300 fashion brands from around the world, the company’s contract volume is very high.
  • With Legito, Dafiti has found a way to digitize and digitally transform this integral part of its operation.
  • The terms of business with each supplier are usually unique for that supplier.
  • For that reason, the team of Dafiti Colombia needed a tool that allowed for dynamic and flexible action while simultaneously enhancing their contractual processes, all without sacrificing the quality and legal security that identifies their brand.
  • Their team, being a technology company, knew how to identify and solve improvement opportunities using innovation – digital transformation is in their DNA.
  • However, Dafiti’s IT team historically had been focused on key operational and logistical parts of its business, and not contract management solutions.

Pilot Project and Evaluation

  • Because of the tool’s ease of use, the Dafiti purchasing team quickly implemented Legito tools successfully, and integrated them into their operation.
  • Their strong commitment to improving organizational processes was evident every step of the way.
  • Dafiti’s team has realized that in Legito they have not only found a set of tools that have solved their problems, but have also found a team committed to helping them adapt to any situation related to the implementation of the software, the development of the templates, and the management of their documents.
  • In less than a year, a majority of Dafiti officials are now using Legito daily, having already created over 435 successful contract records.

User Onboarding

  • The Legito team has accompanied Dafiti closely during its implementation phase.
  • This has allowed Dafiti to successfully use Legito, exceeding expectations.
  • Today the procurement department has a new way of creating audit reports. Easy, fast and efficient.


  • Legito manages the entire life cycle, from the draft to signature.
  • Purchasing department employees have dramatically reduced their document preparation times.
  • Through Legito’s External Sharing feature, Dafiti, with every document it shares, demonstrates to its stakeholders that they are an innovative and modern company, inside and out.
  • Dafiti is considering implementing Legito in additional departments to continue systematically improving its operations.

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