Case Study Upright Leverages Smart Technology to Take the Hassle out of Real Estate Funding


Upright is a team of entrepreneurial, tech-loving, creative, and solution-focused innovators. We launched in 2014 out of frustration with the status quo of slow, unreliable capital and gate-keeping into investment deals.

First Phase Key Improvements


Reduction in Copy-Paste Errors


Time Saved in Preparing Documents

Documents Generated in Legito

Automated Documents Created Across 7 Templates

Separate Documents Automated and Merged into 1


  • Upright is the first and only real estate investment Platform to provide market-leading loans underwritten and originated in-house, easy and comprehensive REI management software, and your next passive investment opportunity.
  • Launched in 2014 with over $2 billion in funded deals across 35 states.
  • Hybrid workplace with offices in New York, NY, and Cleveland, OH.

Legito enables our teams to prepare documents within a short turn-around time and allows for optimized scalability as our business continues to grow.

Sarah Hatley

Paralegal Team Lead, Upright


  • Prior to Legito, preparing legal documents required a great deal of time and effort.
  • There were many repetitive tasks, and information needed to be manually entered and verified.
  • Bottlenecking developed as volume grew but our drafting process remained the same.
  • We needed a way to streamline our process.

Key Factors for Selecting Legito

  • Legito can prepare multiple document packages at once by importing a .csv or .xls file.
  • We export this data from our Platform directly, automating the majority of our document drafting process.
  • Legito’s interface is very intuitive and user-friendly.
  • It is possible for someone without a background in coding to create and maintain documents.
  • When we have questions or need support, Legito’s Professional Services team is readily available.

Implementation and User Onboarding

  • We had direct support from Legito’s Professional Services team in building our loan documents.
  • They created a data entry form, imported our existing loan documents into Legito, added conditions linked to our form, and formatting.
  • Over 100 pages of interrelated documents were automated.
  • By utilizing Legito’s online courses, members of Upright began creating additional documents in Legito, such as our extension agreement and mortgages.
  • Our entire Legal team, along with members of our Servicing, Asset Management, and Capital Markets teams, are trained in using Legito.


  • We can now prepare legal documents for multiple closings at once by importing data from our Platform, creating a massive efficiency gain.
  • Since implementing our loan document package into Legito, we’ve also internally created 5 other templates across departments containing 25 automated documents total and growing.

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