Terms and Conditions for a Single-use of Legito Marketplace

Note: These terms are not applicable to Legito Smart Document Workspace. 

This document is applicable to the Marketplace product users only.

1.    Legito s.r.o. (the Operator) hereby inform consumers as follows:

(Hereinafter only “Terms and Conditions“)

1.         Use of Legito Application

1.1       The User may use Legito Application to generate a Document for the price quoted next to the Document, and where the price is not quoted directly next to the Document, the User may use it free of charge.

1.2       Generating of documents is free of any hidden charges, the price quoted next to the relevant Document is final.

1.3       The Document will be automatically sent to the User’s email address, as provided, once the payment has been made.

2.         Ancillary Legal Services

2.1       Ancillary Legal Services (i.e. revision of a Document by a lawyer, drafting of a Document by a lawyer or legal counseling associated with the relevant Document) are not provided by the Operator. Ancillary Legal Services are provided directly by lawyers (law firm) specified in Legito Application.

2.2       The Operator provides only the technical solution (platform) for the provision of Ancillary Legal Services.

2.3       The responsibility for Ancillary Legal Services shall be borne exclusively by the lawyer (law firm) that provides them. The User acknowledges and renders indisputable that the Operator shall not bear any responsibility for the provision of the Ancillary Legal Services.

3.         Legito is no Legal Service

3.1       The User acknowledges that Legito Application is neither a legal service nor does it substitute any legal services.

3.2       The User acknowledges that the Operator may not influence the combination of the Document and/or settings of the Document and/or the data that the User selects or indicates in the Document.

3.3        The User acknowledges that Legito Application is only (primarily a text) editor allowing for creating of legal documents, and a database classifying its items (texts) into groups displayed to the User.

3.4        The User agrees to use Legito Application in a manner so that he/she does not incur any damage, especially by preventing the damage.

3.5        The User of Legito Application assumes exclusive full responsibility for any settings of the Documents he/she has made while using Legito Application.

3.6        The User may make use of Ancillary Legal Services. If the User opts for these Ancillary Legal Services, the responsibility for the correctness of the Documents shall be borne by the relevant lawyer (law firm). The User renders indisputable that given the nature of Legito Application the Operator shall not be held liable for any damage incurred by the User as a result of its use. The User who is an entrepreneur hereby waives his/her right to indemnification from the Operator for damage caused to the User by the Operator unintentionally (or in any other manner than with gross negligence) by breaching any obligations specified in these Terms and Conditions and/or as a result of the use of Legito Application’s Documents.

4.         Definitions

4.1       Under these Terms and Conditions:

  • “Legito” shall mean the IT application titled Legito that comprises the internet website accessible from the Internet Address;
  • “Operator” shall mean the company Legito s.r.o., Id No: 02649659, with its registered office at Pod Lipami 19, Zeměchy, 278 01 Kralupy nad Vltavou, Czech Republic, Ref. No. C 221946, registered with the Municipal Court in Prague;
  • “Document” shall mean any part of the Application that forms a complete and coherent part of the Application which displays as a full contract, agreement or otherwise designated legal document (or in other words, it forms a separate line in the relevant table within the Application database);
  • “Internet Address” shall mean any internet address from which the Application may be accessed on the Internet, including but not limited to www.legito.com;
  • “User” shall mean any legal entity or natural person that uses Legito Application;
  •  “Generation” shall mean a function of Legito Application that translates the Document, as completed and set by the User, to the following formats “PDF”, “.docx”, “.odt”, “.rtf” and/or any other formats.

5.         Final Provisions

5.1       The User agrees with the processing of personal data in the extent specified in Consent to Process Personal Data, and with the processing of cookies in line with the Consent to Process Cookies.

5.2       The User and the Operator hereby agree that the data entered by the User into the database contained in Legito Application are part of the database collected by the Operator, and the maker of the database is exclusively the Operator. The User shall not become entitled to any rights to the database contained in Legito Application.

5.3       The User who is a consumer explicitly requests the Operator to ensure that the Document be generated as soon as possible, i.e. that the Legito starts to perform before the period for withdrawal from the agreement expires. 

5.4       The legal relationship between the User and the Operator shall be governed by the laws of the country of the Operator and any disputes, should they arise, shall be resolved by the court with matter- and local- jurisdiction applicable according to the registered office of the Operator.

5.5       These Terms and Conditions become valid and come into effect on 16 February 2016.