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Legito lets you close your next deal faster by automating the drafting every RE document, effortlessly.

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Legito is designed to meet special needs of Real Estate brokers, agencies and developers
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We know you need to sales contracts, listing or lease agreements, deeds and foreclosures, not to mention contracts for contractors and subs. The best way is to do it in one bundle.
Our document automation specialists know that YOUR COMPANY IS UNIQUE. WE PARTNER WITH YOU - WE REALLY LISTEN - TO GET the most out of Legito.

Document automation

  • Drag’n’drop, “building block” template editor
  • Time-saving document presets
  • Billingual document creation
  • Document revision history
  • Situation-specific document bundling
  • Templates for templates

Document management

  • Search & filter navigation
  • Deadline reminders
  • External document recordkeeping
  • Signed document upload
  • Analytics & managerial reporting
  • Fully customizable document design
  • Approval checklists
  • Access management
  • Video tutorial